Bank Audit , Payments & Fraud Prevention









Bank Audits

  • EDD what are the auditors looking for?
  • E-Payments - Complying to Auditor's Standards
  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Audit Best Practices
  • How to Manage an Effective AML Audit Program
  • Performing Your ACH Audit: The Ins and Outs of ACH Rule Compliance
  • Getting the Truth from Investigatory Interviews - Strategy, Training and Closure
  • Knowing Your Customer - Monitoring and Auditing for PEPs and Other High Risk Customers

Payment Essentials

  • Accounts Payable Payment Fraud, Risk and Risk Mitigation
  • Understanding International ACH
  • Setting and Monitoring Effective ACH Exposure Limits
  • Performing Your ACH Audit: The Ins and Outs of ACH Rule Compliance
  • All You Need to Know About Same Day ACH - Faster Payments
  • Essentials of ACH Payments
  • ACH Fraud - Detection and Prevention
  • Managing ACH Business to Business Payments
  • ACH 101 for Originators

Fraud Detection and Prevention

  • Best Practices to Prevent Fraud: Understanding the Trends, Threats and Strategies
  • The Alarming State of Wire Transfer Fraud
  • Developing an Effective Fraud Risk Management Program
  • Payments Fraud: Detect and Prevent Check, ACH and P-Card Schemes
  • Detecting and Responding to Accounts Payable Fraud
  • Payment Fraud Control | Minimizing the Risk of Duplicate, Fraudulent, and late Payments
  • Red Flags of Internal Fraud, Asset Misappropriation, and Corruption
  • Preventing and Detecting Fraudulent Vendor Disbursements
  • Procure-to-Pay Fraud: Purchasing, Receiving and Disbursement Fraud Controls
  • Evidence Gathering in a Fraud Investigation
  • Detecting and Preventing Corporate Card Fraud - Travel and Entertainment Expenses
  • Procurement and Contract Fraud - Detection and Prevention
  • Fraud and Cash Receipts: Common Frauds and Internal Controls
  • Fraud Red Flags All Corporate Executives Should Recognize
  • Analyzing Financial Statements for Fraud
  • How to Conduct an Appropriate Corporate Fraud Investigation
  • How to Prepare and Implement a Fraud Response Plan

Course Directors

Brent Meyers

Assistant Vice President, Commerce Bank

Gina Lowdermilk

BSA/Compliance Auditor and Consultant,

Laura H Goldzung

President, AML Audit Services LLC

John E Grimes

Owner, Fraud and Loss Prevention Solutions

Brent Meyers

Assistant Vice President, Commerce Bank

Jane Hennessy

International Banking and Payments Consultant, Oak Financial, Traxpay, Independent Consultant

Luann Kohlmann

Vice President, WACHA

Donna K Olheiser

VP of Education, Dynamic Mastership

Rayleen M Pirnie

CEO, RP Payments Risk Consulting Services LLC

Jim George

Independent consultant, George Consulting LLC

Craig M Taggart

Managing Director, BCC Capital Partners

Peter Goldmann

President, White-Collar Crime 101 LLC

Eli J. Richardson

Member, Bass Berry and Sims PLC

Ray Graber

President, Graber Associates LLC

H. David Kotz

Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group LLC

Chris Doxey

Consultant, ChrisDoxey

Toby Lawrence

President, Lawrence Advisory Services

Anne M McFadden

President and CEO, Capitol Financial Forensics and Accounting LLC

William Beecken

director of Fraud Services with Assurance Forensic Accounting in Atlanta, Georgia, and former federal supervisory auditor and investigator

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