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Best Practice Articles
Creating Effective ERM Program
eCTD Issues for ANDA Submissions
FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) for Finished Pharmaceuticals
U.S. Export Controls-Overview and Summary of Laws Governing It
HIPAA Business Associates –5 Compliance Best Practices for Covered Entities
HACCP – 5 Record Keeping Best Practices to Ensure Compliance
HIPAA Compliance: Understanding Its Applicability
Fair Labor Standards Act-What Employers Need to Know
Family and Medical Leave Act: Understanding its Basics
Export Administration Regulations: Understanding Its Requirements
Analytical Method Validation: 8 Key Parameters to Ensure Regulatory Compliance
HIPAA Final Omnibus Rule: What You Need to Know to Avoid Data Breaches
Bank Secrecy Act - 6 Key Best Practices to Ensure BSA/AML Compliance
White Paper: 5 Best Practices for Successfully Auditing GRC Programs
White Paper: The 510(k) Application – 5 Best Practices Medical Device Companies Must Follow for Successful Submissions
Whitepaper on FDA Regulations for Manufacturing and Branding Cosmetics
White Paper: Marketing Drugs and Medical Devices through Social Media – 5 Ways to Ensure Compliance
White Paper: 7 Best Practices FDA Regulated Companies Should Follow for Hassle-Free Inspections
White Paper: Labeling Over the Counter (OTC) Drugs – 6 Best Practices for FDA Compliance
White Paper: Trouble-Free DEA Audits: 5 Best Practices Pharma Manufacturers and Distributors Should Follow
White Paper: 9 Rules for Compliant OSHA Documentation and Communication Practices
White Paper: Country of Origin Marking and HTS Classification – 7 Best Practices for Ensuring Customs Compliance
White Paper – HR Audits: 5 Key Areas that Must Be Audited
White Paper: GLP Final Reports and Archival Practices – 7 Best Practices for Regulatory Compliance
White Paper: EU Medical Device Directives – 6 Key Elements to Ensure Compliance
White Paper: Compliant Labeling of Dietary Supplements – 6 Best Practices Manufacturers Should Follow
White Paper: 5 Best Practices to Follow While Budgeting for a Clinical Trial
White Paper: Medical Device Registration, Marketing and Safety in China – 6 Best Practices Manufacturers Should Follow
White Paper: 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance - 6 Key Factors Every FDA Regulated Firm Should Know
White Paper: Using Social Media in the Financial Services Industry – 5 Best Practices
White Paper: Handling Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaints - 5 Best Practices Every HR Professional Should Follow
White Paper: Medical Device Design Controls – 6 Best Practices Manufacturers Should Follow for FDA Compliance
White Paper: Importing Medical Devices - 5 Key Factors to Ensure Regulatory Compliance
White Paper: Combination Products – 5 Best Practices to Ensure FDA Compliance
White Paper: Managing Operational Risks - 5 Best Practices to Follow
White Paper: The SEC Conflict Minerals Rule - 5 Best Practices for Compliance
White Paper: Labeling In Vitro Diagnostic Products - 5 Best Practices to Ensure Compliance with FDA Regulations
White Paper: The FDA’s New Animal Drug Application Process: 5 Best Practices for Ensuring Compliance
White Paper: Suspicious Activity Reports – 6 Best Practices for Complying with this Bank Secrecy Act Requirement
White Paper: HACCP – 5 Record Keeping Best Practices to Ensure Compliance
HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule Compliance and Business Associates.
S.E.C. - Deploying the Full Enforcement Arsenal
Your Risk Program is Failing and You Don’t Even Know It
Improving the Flow of Information to the Audit Committee
Discrimination Against the Unemployed Now Prohibited in New York City
New Conflict Minerals Rules Require Dramatically Expanded Supply Chain Due Diligence
Limited Sampling Indicates The Reasonable Possibility of Ubiquitous Exposure To The Phthalate DEHP In The U.S. Population
Regulatory and Clinical Requirements for Prescription to OTC Switches in USA and India
How Much Due Diligence is Enough?
DPAs and NPAs – Useful Tools to Achieve Compliance
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Compliance Trainings
Pregnancy in the Workplace: Strategies to Protect Your Organization from Pregnancy Discrimination Claims
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How to Vet an IRB: Expose and Fix Problems Before They Threaten Your Trial
On Demand Access Anytime
DMR & DHR - What Is Really Required
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Contributing Authors/ Experts
Michael Anisfeld, Senior Consultant, Globepharm Consulting Inc.
Sonia Gourary, Senior Compliance Consultant, Quality and Compliance Partners
R. Wayne Frost, President, Frost Biopharmaceutical Consulting