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Best Practice Articles
S.E.C. - Deploying the Full Enforcement Arsenal
Your Risk Program is Failing and You Don’t Even Know It
Improving the Flow of Information to the Audit Committee
Discrimination Against the Unemployed Now Prohibited in New York City
New Conflict Minerals Rules Require Dramatically Expanded Supply Chain Due Diligence
Limited Sampling Indicates The Reasonable Possibility of Ubiquitous Exposure To The Phthalate DEHP In The U.S. Population
Regulatory and Clinical Requirements for Prescription to OTC Switches in USA and India
How Much Due Diligence is Enough?
DPAs and NPAs – Useful Tools to Achieve Compliance
Actions Taken During a FCPA Enforcement Action-Lessons from Parker Drilling and Ralph Lauren
Critical Examination of MED/DEV 2.12/2 Rev 2 On Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up Studies
Natural Health Products Regulations in Canada – A High Level Overview
The Indian Supreme Court’s Novartis Decision – A View from India
FDA issues food safety rules–at long last
The horsemeat scandal - an object lesson in food politics
India issues guidelines for Certification of API exports to EU - Will EMA accept this certification ?
Pathway to Market for Natural Health Products in Canada
Executive Compensation is New Hot Button Corporate Governance Issue
Q&A Explainer on OSHA’s Recent Settlement of Whistleblower Case against Pilgrim’s Pride Corp
Basel Committee Criticizes US, EU and Japanese Banks, Cites No Adherence to Capital Levels
How Two New SEC Proposals to Alter Trading Curbs Affects Stock Exchanges
Why Cal/OSHA Issued 36 Citations to American Reclamation Inc., Its Subsidiary and Staffing Agency
What Does the Recent Study about Effectiveness of Cal/OSHA Inspections Reveal
11 Important Questions about GlaxoSmithKline’s USD 3 Billion Fraud Settlement, Answered
What Are the International Implications of the Dodd Frank Act
What is the Financial Stability Oversight Council and Why Is Its Constitutionality Being Challenged
Genesis of the Orderly Liquidation Authority and How it Modifies FDIC’s Current Role in Liquidation Process
A Q&A Explaining the Barclays Rate Rigging Scandal
White Paper: APR-PQR Process Automation: Six Steps for Successful Execution
OSHA Guidelines for Avoiding Heat-Related Illnesses and Injuries Among Workers
What Are the New Standards for Financial Market Infrastructures Issued by CPSS-IOSCO
OSHA Issues Call to Action for New Jersey Construction Companies
What happened at JP Morgan Chase and the Internal Risk Controls that Could Have Prevented It
Sterility Testing of Biological Products - How to Comply with New FDA Draft Guidance
Notable OSHA Citations – Roundup – May 2012 Edition
London-based Medical Device Firm Smith & Nephew PLC Accused of FCPA Violations
UK FSA Fines Coutts GBP 12.5 Million – Lack of Anti-Money Laundering Practices Cited
Why OSHA Sent Hyatt Hotels Corp. Letter on Risks Faced by Housekeepers
The EPA Greenhouse Gas Rule and Its Effect on New Power Plants
The FDA’s New Dietary Ingredient Notification Rule Explained
Risk Factors Associated with Immunogenicity Testing
How Did Walmart Violate the FCPA in Mexico and How can MNCs Avoid the Same Pitfalls
What Factors Affect Indoor Air Quality and How Can OSHA Compliance Be Ensured
OSHA’s New GHS Chemical Labeling Requirements – What Are Recommended Compliance Best Practices?
Why Did UK FSA Cite Investment Banks for Lack of Anti-Corruption Controls?
EU Planning to Regulate Shadow Banking – What is the Likely Impact?
Automation is the Best Policy for Manufacturing Medical Devices
What are the GMP Compliance Issues Faced by Dietary Supplement Manufacturers?
How to Market FDA Regulated Products through Social Media Channels
Why Did OSHA Fine a Logistics Contractor Running a Hershey Plant?
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