Risk Management Course









Risk Management Program

  • Setting up an Effective Risk Management Program
  • Project Risk Management
  • Risk Management - Best Practices, Roles, Types and Preventives, Case Studies
  • How to Implement a Risk Manangement Program

Risk Assessment Tools

  • How to Build and Use a Risk Matrix
  • How to Develop an Effective Risk Register
  • Choosing and Using Key Risk Indicators
  • Practical Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance
  • Assessment Methods for Risks and Controls
  • How to Create a Risk Assessment Plan
  • Risk Metrics - Identifying, Evaluating and Managing Risk Conditions
  • Best Practices for Creating a Risk Management File

Developing ERM

  • The Riskability Process - Introducing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Developing a Highly Effective Enterprise Risk Management Program
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of your ERM Program
  • Implementing Operations Risk Management within an ERM Framework

ISO Risk Management Standards

  • Managing Corporate Risks with ISO 31000
  • Business Risk Management ISO 31000
  • How to Conduct Risk Assessments as per ISO 31000/31010(SOX)

Internal Controls

  • Internal Controls - What Every Manager Needs to Know
  • Establishing an Effective Internal Controls System

COSO and Internal Controls

  • COSO ERM Simplified - Implementation for Government and Small Businesses
  • COSO Integrated Guidance: Effective Internal Control for Successful Corporate Management
  • Internal Controls - What Every Manager Needs to Know
  • Establishing an Effective Internal Controls System

Audit and Risk Management

  • Auditing your Risk Management Program
  • Risk Management & Internal Audit - How to Track EGRCM Effectiveness
  • IPPF Internal Audit Standard 2120: Assessing the Effectiveness of Risk Management Processes
  • Core Risk Management Skills for Auditors and Facilitators
  • Developing a Risk-Based Audit Program
  • Internal Auditing Communications - Thinking Beyond the Audit Report

Operational Risk Management

  • Principles for the Management of Operational Risk
  • Key Elements in Managing Operational Risk

ORM Tools

  • Developing an Operational Risk Appetite Statement
  • ORM Maturity Model - What Does Good Look Like?
  • Operational Risk Scenario Analysis

Course Directors

Shauna Wilson

President of Amazon Consulting, Inc.

Mario Mosse

President, MMosse Consulting LLC

Robert Geary

Founder , Greenwich Risk Management Advisory Services LLC

Fred Vacelet

Financial Risk Management Consultant, FVacelet

Manoj Kulwal

Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer at RiskSpotlight

Denise Cicchella

Denise is the Founder of Auspicium, CIA Project Management Professional, CCA, CFE, Trainer Author

Kersi Porbunderwalla

Eminent GRC Strategist and Proprietor of GRC Controllers, Denmark

Michael C Redmond

CEO and Lead Consultant, Redmond Worldwide

Gary W Patterson

The Fiscal Doctor®

Kelly Eisenhardt

Managing Director, BlueCircle Advisors LLC

Edwin L Bills


Kenneth Barden

Senior Anticorruption and Good Governance Advisor, Governance and Rule of Law Team, USAID

Lynn Fountain

Former Chief Audit Executive, Aquila

David Sanders

FDA Compliance Specialist, ComputerSystemValidation

Sonia Luna

Founded Aviva Spectrum

Dan Swanson

President of Dan Swanson and Associates, Ltd.

Teem Leech

Managing Director Risk Oversight Inc.

Graham Joscelyne

Managing Director of Joscelyne & Associates, Inc.

Stanley Epstein

Company Director & Principal Associate, Citadel Advantage

Craig Spielmann

CEO and founder of RiskTao, LLC.

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