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Material Review Board

  • Provider: Doxpub, Inc.

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Describes the responsibilities and activities of the Material Review Board (MRB). Covers identifying the individuals who are on the Material Review Board, identifying what issues are brought before the Material Review Board, organizing and preparing for MRB meetings, conducting and documenting the outcomes of MRB meetings, dissemination of MRB conclusions and corrective actions, and quality assurance monitoring.

Included Sections:

Purpose, Scope, Responsibility, References and Applicable Documents, Materials and Equipment, Health and Safety Considerations, Documentation Requirements, and Procedures

Included Attachments/Appendices:

Material Review Board (MRB) Request and Report Form, MRB Member Matrix

About This Document:

This is not a generic template, it's a 5-page procedure that was actually created and used in the Regulatory Affairs operations of a FDA-regulated establishment. The company-specific information (names, addresses, some images, proprietary product information, etc.) has been redacted but the content and format have been largely preserved. View a sample document.

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