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All FDA Regulated Industry
Banking and Financial Services
Clinical Research
Corporate Governance
Drugs and Chemicals
EH&S Green Compliance
Energy & Utilities
Food Safety Compliance
GSA Compliance
Healthcare Compliance
Hitech, Aerospace And Manufacturing
HR Compliance
IT control and PCI compliance
Laboratory Compliance
Medical Devices
Microsoft Office
OSHA Compliance
Packaging and Labeling
Quality Management
Risk Management
Sales & Marketing
SEC Compliance
SOX Compliance
Trade And Logistics Compliance
Regulations & Guidances
Hong Kong Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering
APRA Prudential Standard GPS 230 Reinsurance Management
APRA Prudential Standard APS 231 – Outsourcing
APRA Prudential Standard CPS 232 - Business Continuity Management
APRA Prudential Standard GPS 310 – Audit and Related Matters
APRA Prudential Standard APS 222 - Associations with Related Entities
APRA Prudential Standard GPS 220 Risk Management
APRA Prudential Standard 221 Large Exposures
Hong Kong Guidelines for Authorization of Virtual Banks
Monetary Authority of Singapore Guidelines on Fit and Proper Persons
Malaysia Guidelines on Financial Reporting for Insurers
Malaysia Guidelines on Risk Governance
Malaysia Guidelines on Liquidity Framework
Malaysia Guidelines on Statutory Reserve Requirement
Malaysia Guidelines on Credit Transactions and Exposures with Connected Parties for Islamic Banks
Malaysia Guidelines on Data Management and MIS Framework
Malaysia Guidelines on Fit and Proper for Key Responsible Persons
APRA Prudential Standard GPS 310 - Audit and Actuarial Reporting and Valuation
APRA Guidelines on Authorization of Specialist Credit Card Institutions
APRA Guidelines on Authorization of Providers of Purchase Payment Facility
Thailand Guidelines on Disclosure of Information by Listed Companies
Singapore Risk Management Guidelines for Board of Directors and Senior Management
Malaysia Guidelines on Conduct of Money Services Business - Operation and Governance
Malaysia Guidelines on Agent Banking
Malaysia – Guidelines for Introduction of New Banking Products
Malaysia Banks Guidelines on Stress Testing
Malaysia Islamic Banks – Guidelines on Appointment of External Auditors
SEC Netflix Investigation Report Social Media Disclosures 2013
Singapore Internet Banking and Technology Risk Management Guidelines
Singapore Business Continuity Management Guidelines
OSHA Form 300
Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority ADI Authorisation Guidelines
Malaysia Code of Corporate Governance 2012
Malaysia Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Guidelines
Malaysia Financial Reporting Guidelines for Banking Institutions
APRA Prudential Standard APS 520 – Fit and Proper
New Zealand Land Use and Carbon Analysis System
New Zealand Guidelines on a Bank’s Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process
New Zealand Climate Change (Unit Register) Regulations 2008
New Zealand Climate Change (Unique Emissions Factors) Regulations 2009
New Zealand Climate Change (Stationary Energy and Industrial Processes) Regulations 2009
New Zealand Climate Change (General Exemptions) Order 2009
New Zealand Climate Change (Forestry Sector) Regulations 2008
New Zealand Climate Change (Liquid Fossil Fuels) Regulations 2008
New Zealand Application requirements for banks seeking accreditation to implement the Basel II internal models approaches
New Zealand Guidelines on Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism
Monetary Authority of Singapore Insurance Fraud Risk Management Guidelines
Malaysia Basel III Capital Adequacy Guidelines
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Compliance Trainings
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How to Vet an IRB: Expose and Fix Problems Before They Threaten Your Trial
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DMR & DHR - What Is Really Required
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Contributing Authors/ Experts
Michael Anisfeld, Senior Consultant, Globepharm Consulting Inc.
Sonia Gourary, Senior Compliance Consultant, Quality and Compliance Partners
R. Wayne Frost, President, Frost Biopharmaceutical Consulting