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I took a sick leave of 5 days. I provided certification from my physican that I was under care for the dates I was ill. Upon return, my employer said that I must provide a more detailed medical reason, the diagnosis, for my absence. I am a teacher for a p Question Id:60
Susan Susan
03-31-2007 09:03AM
User Id: 71512
 User Answer
06-29-2007 11:06AM
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You not need provide a more detailed medical reason for your absence. I would recommend that you seek (if one exists where you work), a Security or Privacy Officer. If one does not exist, you can defer to HR, who is the next best party. HR in turn, can go to their trusted source and get exactly what is needed to satisfy your supervisor's need while at the same time not violating your right to privacy. You should never disclose any of your personal health information to anyone other than those needing to know in your immediate family and your attending physician. Your Pharmacist shouldn't even ask and you should not disclose (to the Pharmacist). Good luck!
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