Food Safety and Security - Ensuring Food Safety from Farm to Fork

Instructor: John Ryan
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  • Duration: 60 Min

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This food safety webinar will discuss the currently accepted food safety practices and how the the newly evolving system for food safety is about to be put in place.

Why Should You Attend:
With respect to food safety the FDA, USDA and the CDC have been asleep at the switch. They have failed miserably at providing the leadership and direction needed to protect America’s food supply. The food safety model they will be forced to implement exists in a number of other industries; most notably in the drug and medical device arenas already under their control.

We will review currently accepted practices such as HACCP, certification, agro terrorism and international trade and show how those practices will evolve into tomorrow’s food safety and security requirements. We will discuss how the FDA planned to move food safety and security from today’s 100 year old processing patchwork into a carefully controlled, qualified and certified system and what you can do to get in step. By the end of this course you will understand what you should do to begin preparing for this new system and some of the expertise and tools available to help you on the journey.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

  • Summary of today’s food safety practices.
  • Food traceability, transportation, distribution and controls.
  • Distributor, restaurant and retail contributions to spreading problems.
  • Where is the food service industry on different aspects of food safety?
  • The inspection fallacy.
  • Basic definitions of food quality and safety.
  • Taste
  • Appearance
  • Nutrition
  • Safety
  • Current Department of Homeland Security efforts to prevent food terrorism.
  • Is China really a danger and what is the US doing about it?
  • Proposed food safety bills S510 and SB2749.
  • What are Asia and Europe doing about food safety and how does the US compare HACCP, GAP, GMP, GHP.
  • Where will “food safety and security” be in the future?
  • The movement towards extremely strict standards.
  • What should I be doing today to prepare for the changes?
  • How do I convince my bosses to support food safety and security as an integral part of our food handling business?
  • Where can I get help?

Who Will Benefit:

  • Food service industry owners and managers in production(farming operations)
  • Processing
  • Distribution
  • Including restaurant and retail chains
  • Food Safety and Quality personnel
  • Higher level operations and purchasing executives in food service industries
  • Food and establishment (restaurant/retail) Inspectors

Instructor Profile:
Dr. John Ryan, is the Administrator for the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture's Quality Assurance Division. He has spent over 25 years implementing high technology quality control systems for international corporations and is currently implementing Hawaii’s integrated traceability and food safety system. Dr. Ryan specializes in closed-loop quality control employing real-time traceability, sensor measurement devices and process controls. He developed the United States’ first state-level RFID Internet enabled farm-to-distribution-to-retail outlet produce traceability system and was recently a co-chair of federal FDA/CDC Information technology workgroup currently designing an “integrated/interoperable food information system”.

He is currently working on a trans-Pacific international cold chain temperature control transportation management system.

Topic Background:

The food you eat is processed in a dirtier environment than the car you drive. It is a myth that “the US has the safest food in the world!”

Will recent food outbreaks it is evident that FDA, USDA and the CDC fell miserably to protect America’s food supply. They are under tremendous pressure to move food safety and security from today’s 100 year old processing patchwork into a carefully controlled, qualified and certified system.

The movement into food quality and security currently facing food supply businesses is a movement identical to those that have occurred in other industries throughout the years. The requirements for food safety and security will evolve into basic businesses practices and requirements and will separate those food suppliers successful at system implementation and control from those unable or unwilling to make the change. Earlier histories can be traced back to similar International Standards Organization (ISO) models that have been primarily driven by purchasing of goods requiring certification.

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