Information technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between systems - Local and metropolitan area networks - Specific requirements - Part 2: Logical link control

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This International Standard is one of a set of international standards produced to facilitate the interconnec-tion of computer-s and terminais on a Local Area Network (LAN). It is related to the other international stan-dards by the Reference Mode1 for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI).

This International Standard describes the functions, features, protocol, and services of the Logical Link Con-trol (LLC) sublayer in the ISO/IEC 8802 LAN Protocol. The LLC sublayer constitutes the top sublayer in the data link layer (see figure 1) and is common to the various medium access methods that are defined and supported by the ISO/IEC 8802 activity. Separate International Standards describe each medium access method individually and indicate the additional features and functions that are provided by the Medium Access Control (MAC) sublayer in each case to complete the functionality of the data link layer as defined in the LAN architectural reference model.

This International Standard describes the LLC sublayer service specifications to the network layer (Layer 3), to the MAC sublayer, and to the LLC sublayer management function. The service specification to the net-work layer provides a description of the various services that the LLC sublayer, plus underlying layers and sublayers, offer to the network layer, as viewed from the network layer. The service specification to the MAC sublayer provides a description of the services that the LLC sublayer requires of the MAC sublayer. These services are defined SO as to be independent of the form of the medium access methodology, and of the nature of the medium itself. The service specification to the LLC sublayer management function provides a description of the management services that are provided to the LLC sublayer. Al1 of the above ser-vice specifications are given in the form of primitives that represent in an abstract way the logical exchange of information and control between thc LLC sublayer and the identified service function (network layer, MAC sublayer, or LLC sublayer management function). They do not specify or constrain the implementa-tion of entities or interfaces.

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