Analyzing Corrective and Preventive Action

CAPA process is the central point of control for all companies. CA or the corrective action, on one hand, is intended to find out the root cause of nonconformance while on the other hand, PA or the preventive action is chalking out a plan to prevent a problem from surfacing again in the future.

CAPA is a key element to QMS which is focused to continual improvement and incessant customer satisfaction. However, for a better result in QMS, proper understanding and implementation of CAPA is required. Although, procedurally both the actions are similar yet focus of these two actions are entirely different. CAPA provides the foundation of Six Sigma, Lean and other cost reduction and process improvement efforts. Together this work brings continuous improvement to an organization.

To deal with the methods of CAPA, a company should possess sound accuracy and flexibility. Industries such as aerospace, defense, life science require thorough regulatory and traceability requirements. Regardless of the industry, implementation of modern and advanced CAPA system is an important part of any company's quality system.

For a better understanding and effective implementation of CAPA, all you need to do is taking assistance of world-class webinars organized by ComplianceOnline. These webinars are conducted by eminent industry experts having 20-30 years of experience of consulting and working closely in CAPA implementation and quality management. Take advantage of these webinars available in easy-to-use format of recordings or CDs and train your entire team on CAPA implementation.


ComplianceOnline Trainings

CAPA Essentials - core principles and practices needed to implement an effective and efficient CAPA process
This CAPA training will provide the core principles and practices needed to implement an effective and efficient CAPA process.
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Elements of a CAPA program and uses of CAPA data
This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all regulated companies; a CAPA program is a requirement across the Medical Device, Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, and Biologics fields.
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Integrating Risk Management with the CAPA process
This beginner level session will help companies to better understand how to improve the CAPA process and include Risk Management in review of Post-production product experience.
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Developing a Robust CAPA System
In this webinar instructor will explain what are essential elements of CAPA system to meet current regulatory requirement and how to achieve it
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Corrective and Preventive Action: CAPA-A Risk Mitigating Quality System
This CAPA training will focus on defining the specific steps to be taken when implementing a CAPA system and review some of the possible pitfalls one may encounter when implementing a CAPA system.
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