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Excel Training - Be A Pro at Charting Basics, Advance Table Functions and Pivots

This easy-to-follow Excel training will discuss the Excel charting basics, Advance Excel Table features and Pivot Table. It will help attendees harness all the impressive advantages of Excel Tools. Learn to use this fun, versatile Excel tool to easily and readily manage data more effectively. Attendees will also be aided by an accompanying flowchart to supplement their understanding.
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Instructor: Joe Weil
Product ID: 704626
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Part - 1

Excel Charting Basics - Produce Professional-Looking Excel Charts - Part 1

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Charting Basic Concepts
    • Ribbon, Plot Area, Chart Area and Special Ribbon for Charts
    • Selecting Your Data and Chart - Three Most Basic Types - Purposes
    • Menu Commands, Shortcuts and Placement of Your Chart
  • Two Basic Examples Made Beautiful in Minutes
    • Pie Chart Example - Municipal Revenues
    • Column Chart Example - Revenue, Product Line and Location
    • Using the Page Layout Galley
  • Spark Lines
    • Line, Column, Win/Loss
    • Using the Design Tab Effectively - Manipulating Column Height and Width for Effect
  • Fine Tuning Your Chart
    • Editing Your Chart - Titles, Labels, Legends, Grid Lines, Formatting, and More
    • Using the Design Tab Effectively
  • Using the XY Scatter Graph for Easy, Rapid Linear Regression Analysis
    • Organizing Data - Dependent and Independent Variables - X, Y
    • Using Trend Lines, Options Menu, Equation and Rho Coefficient
    • Display Features

Part - 2

Step-By-Step Excel Tables - Part 2

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  1. Rapidly Sorting a Data Range (Not an Excel Table) with the Data Tab or Home Tab
    • Identifying cell in column to be sorted
    • Right clicking for rapid sorting
    • Custom sort up to 32 fields of data
  2. Using the Auto Filter Button for a Data Range
    • Selecting items to filter
    • Sorting after selecting items to filter
  3. Cleaning Up and Enhancing Your Downloaded Data – Correcting Problems
    • Separating first and last names with Flash Fill
    • Undoing downloaded hyperlinks for a normal range or Excel table
    • Formatting and more for stunningly beautiful displays
      • Reverses, type fonts, font color, background color
      • Inserting pictures and logos for dynamic presentations
  4. Excel Table Basics
  5. Rapidly Converting a Data Range to an Excel Table

    • Using the More key to select your table design
    • Activating the Excel Table and using the Special Table Toolbar
    • Easily adding more rows of data to your table as necessary

    Sorting and Filtering Your Excel Table

    • Sort commands with the ribbon and/or the right mouse key
    • Using the filter commands, sorting filtered information and undoing the filter commands
  6. Excel Table Professional-Level Features
  7. Using the Subtotal Feature for a Data Base (automatically computes totals, averages, counts, etc. in an Excel data base)

    • Selecting the key column
    • Using the data tab, outline group and dropdown features

    Establishing and Using a Criteria Range

    • Filtering for logical and mathematical operands - if, then, greater than, less than, etc.
    • Condensing or expanding the criteria range as necessary for appropriate results
    • Using the advanced filter button for easy, rapid results

    Using Excel Data Table Formulas

    • DSums, DAverages, DMin and DMax
    • Comparisons/Advantages to Sub Totals - Sums, Averages, Counts, Min and Max
  8. Rapidly Converting Your Table to a Pivot Table - Quick Examples
  9. Introduction to Pivot Tables - How to Instantly Change Rows and Columns for Effective Analysis

Part - 3

Harness the Incredible Power of Excel Pivot Tables in 90 Minutes: Learn To Slice, Dice and Crunch Numbers with Expert Ability - Part 3

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Pivot Table Basics – Overview – How Excel Pivot Tables Work
    • Creating a Pivot Table and Pivot Chart – Excel Commands
    • Creating or Importing Your Data Base
    • Understanding the Columns or Fields
  • Using the Pivot Table Field List to Slice and Dice Your Data
    • Activating Your Pivot Table and Using the Special Pivot Table Toolbar
    • Field Selection, Row Labels, Values, Filters
    • Changing Rows and Columns Instantly
  • Using the Pivot Table Tools – Basics
    • Design – Styles, Page Layout, Subtotals, Format, and More
    • Options – Sort/Filter, Data Calculation, Logical Operands, and More
  • Creating and Manipulating Pivot Charts
    • How to Create and Format Your Pivot Chart
    • Filtering a Pivot Chart with Slicers
  • Using Slicers to Filter Pivot Tables – Formatting Filters for Easy Client Use
  • Grouping Data by Numeric Ranges

Who Will Benefit:

Managers, supervisors, financial professionals, administrative assistants, sales professionals, marketers — anyone who uses Microsoft Excel and wants to save hours, avoid using cumbersome tables and analyze data in the most proficient manner possible.

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Investments
  • Pharmacy
  • Accounts
  • Credit Unions
  • Audit

Instructor Profile:

A former corporate controller and director of auditing, Joe Weil, CPA, has 25+ years of Excel instruction/presentation experience. He holds a Master of Accounting degree and is a college Excel and auditing professor. Mr. Weil has led over 400 Excel presentations.

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