Course Description:

Top 5 reasons to attend this workshop. You will get:

  1. A comprehensive breakdown of several accounting issues that most businesses deal with and how to handle them.
  2. A detailed understanding of business tax requirements based on the type of legal structure (i.e. Corp, LLC, etc).
  3. A comprehensive analysis of bookkeeping and recordkeeping requirements.
  4. A detailed understanding of how budgeting fits into accounting and the primacy of cash flow.
  5. Learning on how to accounting policies and procedures can help a business improve financial reporting functions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the importance of accounting and bookkeeping policies and procedures and how they make your financial reporting function more efficient.
  • Learn how develop and maintain consistent application of accounting principles and rules such as GAAP.
  • Learn documentation requirements for certain legal structures and how bookkeeping can help.
  • Learn how to develop written accounting policies and procedures.

Seminar Fee Includes:

AM-PM Tea/Coffee
Seminar Material
USB with seminar presentation
Hard copy of presentation
Attendance Certificate
$100 Gift Cert for next seminar

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

  • IRS Recordkeeping Requirements for Businesses
  • How an Accounting System Helps With Financial Management
  • GAAP and Your Accounting System
  • Accrual vs. Cash Accounting
  • Understanding Employment Taxes
  • Understanding Business Taxes
  • Tax Planning for Corporate Finance
  • How Budgeting Fits Into Accounting and Primacy of Cash Flows
  • How to Develop Written Accounting Policies and Procedures

Who Will Benefit:

  • Business owners
  • Company executives and management
  • Accounting personnel
  • Accountants and CPAs
  • Financial industry professionals.
  • All professionals who are looking for training on accounting and bookkeeping practices.

Topic Background:

When operating a business, everything done in the business goes right back to the financial management of the business. Financial management is the foundation for all businesses. In order to develop solid financial management practices, companies must have adequate accounting and bookkeeping procedures. Without proper accounting and bookkeeping procedures, companies cannot track the actual financial transactions the company has. Companies also are not able to report required information to Governmental entities or other industry entities that request certain information to be reported during the year.

There are many aspects of accounting and bookkeeping, and it can get overwhelming. Therefore, not allowing things to get out of hand will help companies to better track and manage the financial aspect of their operations. This course will help companies gain a better understanding of some complex financial management issues. It will also help companies gain a better understanding of why it is crucial to their success to have compliant financial management practices. It is crucial for companies to be able to understand and interpret financial information. Having stable and dependable accounting procedures in place helps users of the financial information develop understanding and learn how to interpret the information. Having this in place helps companies make more informed and necessary decisions for the company's best interest.

In addition to being able to track financial information, having adequate accounting and bookkeeping practices in place, helps companies improve their performance. It aids management in being able to detect any problems that may be occurring in the company and develop solutions to correct the problems.

Course Outline:

Day One (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM) Day Two (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM)

  • IRS Recordkeeping Requirements
    • Why businesses are required to keep records
    • Which records should businesses maintain
    • How long records should be kept
    • How bookkeeping aids in proper recordkeeping and developing a good recordkeeping system
  • How an Accounting System Helps With Financial Management
    • What an accounting system does and consists of
    • How the accounting system helps measure business financial health
  • GAAP and Your Accounting System
    • Criteria an accounting system contains in order to be in accordance with GAAP
  • Accrual vs. Cash Accounting
    • Who should use accrual based accounting and who should use cash based accounting?
    • Two GAAP principles under accrual based accounting
    • Accounting for assets, liabilities, income, and expenses
    • Accounting for petty cash
  • Understanding Employment Taxes
    • Payroll tax recordkeeping requirements
    • Reporting and depositing employment taxes
    • Employment tax due dates, tax forms, and penalties
    • Employer tax requirements for employee bonuses and other fringe benefits
    • Accounting for payroll transactions (including payroll deductions and taxes)

  • Understanding Business Taxes
    • Business tax requirements based on company legal structure (federal and state)
    • Taxable and nontaxable income based on legal structure
    • Tax deductions and credits available for businesses
    • Legal tax liability minimization strategies for business income
    • IRC Section 481(b)-Tax Limitation Computation for changes in accounting method
  • Tax Planning for Corporate Finance
    • C Corporation vs S Corporation
    • Tax issues for corporate gains/losses, interest, and dividends
    • Requirements for indirect tax data compliance and tax return reporting to the Government
    • How to avoid abusive tax shelters
    • Employment and income tax compliance requirements for corporate executive compensation
  • How Budgeting Fits Into Accounting and Primacy of Cash Flows
  • How to Develop Written Accounting Policies and Procedures

Meet Your Instructor

JeFreda Brown
Financial and Business Compliance Coach, Goshen Business Group LLC

EXPERT Financial and Business Compliance Coach, JeFreda Brown, helps maximize the business potential of small to large sized businesses, nonprofits, Government agencies, colleges, organizations, agencies, and self-employed individuals.

As CEO of Goshen Business Group, LLC (formerly Brown Accounting Solutions, LLC), she is able to provide a unique suite of specialized services that are customized for an organization’s particular needs. Some of her areas of expertise include tax planning, budget preparation, DCAA audit consulting, Government contract accounting system & internal controls compliance consulting, pricing proposal development, financial management, payroll compliance, business development/management consulting, professional development training, train the trainer services, business planning, grant reporting, 501(c)(3) preparation, and more.

With over 16 years of business experience in areas such as accounting, finance, real estate, taxes, federal auditing (DoD), low income housing tax credits, project and compliance management, contract administration, human resources, and teaching, JeFreda is one of America’s Premiere Financial & Business Compliance Coaches. JeFreda earned her BS degree in Math from Mississippi State University with a minor in Spanish. She also has an MBA in Finance from Mississippi College and an additional concentration in Accounting.

She has provided training workshops for multiple organizations including Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), American Express OPEN, Central Alabama Women’s Business Center, University of Alabama Huntsville SBDC and PTAC, Jefferson State University PTAC, and Operation HOPE.

In November 2010, JeFreda was chosen as the winner of the Black Enterprise Magazine and Porsche Cars’ Intelligent Performers contest out of over 300 entries across the country. JeFreda has been featured in numerous print and online articles for various industry websites, blogs, and magazines including US News, YFS Magazine, DailyWorth, & Intuit Small Business Blog. She has been interviewed on Bloomberg Radio and The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show. She is the Author of the eBook, 12 Reasons You Need an Accountant for Your Small Business available on Amazon. JeFreda is also featured in the book, Head Ladies in Charge as well as the Head Ladies in Charge movie released in Spring 2015. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the Collat Business School.

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