Course Description:

Every day managers make decisions that could expose their organizations to very expensive lawsuits. Unfortunately though, employment lawsuits are on the rise. EEOC has made a killing off investigating systemic issues, often leading to costly and burdensome investigations and litigation. Last year, the EEOC collected $392.6 million in monetary damages, settling just under 89,000 suits through both litigation and mediation.

The EEOC has communicated that it intends to vigorously pursue its stated "big six" agenda items enunciated in its Strategic Enforcement Plan. Meaning that we will continue to see a plethora of broad and burdensome requests for information that cover multiple years and locations and a wide range of personnel actions. Why? Because this is already happening and the foreseeable future looks ugly, very ugly. The government's message is clear: the EEOC has been and will continue to scrutinize employers' actions for any hint of wrongdoing. Making the best winning move not to be on the EEOC's target list from the start.

Legal considerations are the primary constraint on human resource decisions and the primary force shaping personnel policy. Attendees in this seminar will address the legal consequences of human resource decision making, as well as, the managerial significance of federal regulations and applicable state laws. Additionally, awareness will be generated for the need to continually assess and improve human resource policies and practices in relation to ongoing developments in the law.

Employment law is an area that is constantly changing. Decisions are being rendered that redefine the parameters of selection, discrimination, privacy, and termination. Sexual harassment has become one of the most litigated areas of employment law with the number of cases involving disability discrimination growing rapidly. Whether you are in a small company or a large corporation, possessing knowledge of employment laws and HR practices are essential to business success. The number of employment laws/issues you have to be aware of can be overwhelming. In this seminar, you will learn how to deal with confusing human resource situations and how to apply employment laws correctly.

Can You Answer the questions below?

  1. As an HR professional, do you feel prepared to respond to the rapidly changing workforce with reliable and effective action?
  2. Do you know how to build effective communication skills your organization can rely on?
  3. When it comes time to organize complex policy, are you aware of important legal, regulatory, and judicial decisions that affect workplace practices?
  4. Are you aware of how to translate HR compliance requirements into employee program initiatives that stand the test of scrutiny?
  5. Do you feel confident converting what is legal into what is practical at the organizational level?

All of the above questions and more will be answered in this information-packed program! Don’t put your company at risk!

Who will Benefit:

  • Business Owners
  • Managers
  • HR Representatives
  • HR Generalists
  • HR Assistants
  • Consultants
  • Managers
  • Supervisors, etc.

Seminar Fee Includes:

AM-PM Tea/Coffee
Seminar Material
USB with seminar presentation
Hard copy of presentation
Attendance Certificate
$100 Gift Cert for next seminar

Topic Background:

We know that managing human resources is an issue for all employers regardless of the size or industry as well as controlling a broad range of critical business activities such as recruitment, payroll, benefits and employee engagement. It also requires an in-depth knowledge of employment law which is constantly evolving, causing particular challenges when working to meet the changing needs and demands of the workplace.

One of the most important pieces of HRM legislation, which affects all of the functional areas, is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and subsequent amendments, including the Civil Rights Act of 1991. These acts made illegal the discrimination against employees or potential recruits for reasons of race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. It forces employers to follow—and often document—fairness practices.

Related to hiring, training, pay, benefits, and virtually all other activities and responsibilities related to HRM.

The net result of the all-encompassing civil rights acts is that businesses must carefully design and document numerous procedures to ensure compliance, or face potentially significant penalties. In this seminar we will focus on how to assess your organization’s greatest risk areas by using the EEOCs Strategic Enforcement Plan and the six enforcement areas affecting employers the most.

Course Outline:

Day 1 (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM) Day 2 (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM) Day 3 (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM)

AGENDA Day 1 – Employment Law

  • 8:30 AM - Introductions
  • 9:00 AM - The lay-person’s round-up of the 2015 Supreme Court Judicial session and a snapshot of what the 2016 docket has in store for HR
  • 9:45 AM - Key district court decisions you should be aware of
  • 10:15 AM - Overview of legislative changes for the 2014/15 fiscal years
  • 11:00 AM - The regulators have the final say… becoming savvy with the regulatory process and its impact on employment law and your management practices
  • 12:00 PM - Lunch
  • 1:00 PM – EEOC Overview and Statistics, including Top Discrimination Charges Filed
  • 2:00 PM - Auditing trends you can’t afford to ignore
  • 2:30 PM – In light of everything, what really keeps HR up at night?
  • 3:30 PM – Moving from tactical to strategic approaches to the challenges for HR as a function starts with being more informed
  • 4:30 PM – End

AGENDA Day 2 – Human Resources

  • 8:30 AM - Let’s get some clarity on FMLA… reasonable accommodation, same sex marriage and intermittent leave…and what to do about FLMA abuses
  • 9:45 AM - What HR professionals need to know about the Affordable Care Act
  • 11:00 AM - Hot Topics in Wage and Hour Compliance, including: Government Misclassification Crackdown, Exempt Versus Non-exempt and Independent Contractor Versus employee. Liability and Penalties for Wage and Hour Violations Employee.
  • 12:00 PM - Lunch
  • 1:00 PM – From huge to manageable… let’s talk real solutions you can begin using right away
  • 1:30 PM - Know what makes your company tick… review your policies and procedures
  • 2:00 PM – Is your employee handbook ready for prime time?
  • 2:30 PM – Do you really know your workforce? Workforce management and the multigenerational landscape
  • 3:30 PM - Managing Challenging Employment Situations with Emphasis on Management Excellence and Competent Investigations
  • 4:30 PM – End

AGENDA Day 3 – Human Resources

  • 8:30 AM - Affirmative Action… what the regulations really say and why it matters to even the private sector employer
  • 9:30 AM - Legal aspects of recruitment and hiring what to look for and what to avoid
  • 10:00 AM - Secrets to effective performance reviews
  • 10:30 AM - Termination and discipline the legal way
  • 11:00 AM - Other employment issues that you may not have thought of.
  • 12:00 PM - Lunch
  • 1:00 PM – Workplace confidentiality: frequently overlooked employee data categories
  • 1:30 PM - The absolute best preventative Strategy… the ability to audit yourself before someone else does it for you
  • 2:30 PM – Communication is key to a restful night’s sleep
  • 3:45 PM – Group Role-Play and discussion exercises
  • 4:30 PM – End

Meet Your Instructor

Vanessa G. Nelson, MSA, SPHR, CLRL
President of Expert Human Resources, LLC

Ms. Nelson is founder and President of award-winning Expert Human Resources, which she founded to help companies maintain employment law compliance, avoid workplace litigation, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Vanessa established Expert Human Resources in 2009, after observing companies' frustrations with complying with constantly changing employment laws as well as continually dealing with workplace litigations and fines. Vanessa realized that a lot of the litigious situations that businesses encountered could be avoided by their being proactive and implementing updated polices and applying them correctly. Vanessa also recognized that many companies could not afford a full-time HR person, or department, to assist in maintaining compliance with employment laws, as well as applying policies and practices correctly; therefore she established a "portable HR" to accommodate those businesses.

Vanessa is a results-oriented HR Consultant with a unique background in business management, spanning over 29 years at two major medical centers in Michigan. Her expertise includes: HR audits, labor relations, employment laws, employee relations, workplace investigations, and policies and procedures. Additionally, Ms. Nelson has worked with companies to implement processes to improve conflict management and employee relations and conducted harassment training to improve company efficiencies. She has helped companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ms. Nelson received her Master of Science in Administration/Human Resources Management from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor in Business Management from Northwood University. She holds the Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) credential from Human Resources Certification Institute, Certified Labor Relations Leader (CLRL) from Michigan State University, and is Six Sigma White Belt certified.

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The center presents a wide selection of art in 24 galleries, plus outdoor gardens, courtyards, and terraces. The center's art collection spans 5000 years and ranges from ancient China to the 21st century.

It's hard to miss the Stanford Theatre as you work your way down University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto. It first opened in 1925 and has recently gone through a marvelous renovation. The space next to the theatre has been added to house vintage posters and memorabilia. If you are a fan of classic movies like Casablanca, Gigi, Roman Holiday, etc., this is an experience to be had.

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Baylands Nature Preserve is the largest tract of undisturbed marshland remaining in the San Francisco Bay. Fifteen miles of multi-use trails provide access to a unique mixture of tidal and fresh water habitats. The preserve encompasses 1,940 acres in both Palo Alto and East Palo Alto. It is an important habitat for migratory shorebirds and is considered one of the best bird watching spots in the West Coast.

Hoover Tower is a 285-feet structure located within the Stanford University premises. The tower houses the Hoover Institution Library and Archives, an archive collection founded by Herbert Hoover before he became President of the United States. President Hoover had amassed a large collection of materials related to early 20th century history; he donated them to Stanford, his alma mater, to found a "library of war, revolution and peace". Hoover Tower, inspired by the cathedral tower at Salamanca, was finished in 1941, the year of Stanford's 50th anniversary. The tower has a carillon of 48 bells cast in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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