How to Survive a DEA Inspection Series - Law Enforcement and Pain Management


Instructor: Carlos M Aquino
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  • Duration: 90 Min
This webinar will focus on the federal laws and regulations enforced by DEA pertaining to Schedules II though V controlled substances that is dispensed, or prescribed by a physician as part of a pain treatment plan. Upon completion of the webinar, attendees will be familiarized with the necessary documentation that should be noted in the patient chart and steps to prevent diversion of the dispensed or prescribed drugs.
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Why Should You Attend:

As a practitioner treating pain, federal and state laws and regulations require you to take many steps to be assured that the controlled substance you dispensed or prescribed are done with a legitimate medical purpose and are being properly used by the patient.

This webinar will cover steps that will assist you to comply with these laws and regulations. The topics are focused on the patient-practitioner relationship and the necessary information that is need in a patient chart that may result in a prescription for pain. The training will also provide you with a better understanding of DEA and their record keeping and security requirements.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Describe the types of actions that can be imposed by a federal prosecutor’s office on a pain management clinic or practitioners treating pain. This includes the type of fines that can be imposed through a criminal or civil action utilizing the federal laws and regulations pertaining to the administering, dispensing, and prescribing of controlled substances as part of a pain management treatment plan.
  • Identify the steps taken by the DEA in enforcing federal laws and regulations through their Office of Diversion Control. The office is responsible for all investigation and regulatory actions for Schedules II through V controlled substance especially those dispensed or prescribed as part of a pain management treatment plan.
  • Discuss the importance of a good patient chart that contains all documentation beginning when the patient was initially accepted as a patient to the most recent visit to the clinic or seen by the physician. This includes the patient agreement, the treatment plan, and any controlled substance administered, dispensed, or prescribed for the patient.
  • Review all the requirements pertaining to administering, dispensing, and prescribing of controlled substance prescription by a physician as part of a pain management treatment plan. The areas covered will also include:
    • electronic prescriptions
    • the DEA regulation pertaining to a 90-day supply of a Schedule II drug
    • prescriptions for LTCF and hospice patients

Who Will Benefit:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • All practitioners treating a patient with controlled substances as part of a pain management treatment plans
Instructor Profile:
Carlos M Aquino

Carlos M Aquino
Consultant, PharmaDiversion, LLC

Consultant Carlos M. Aquino brings 36 years of experience on handling illicit and pharmaceutical controlled substances and regulated chemicals. This includes 12 years with the Philadelphia DEA Diversion and 24 years with the Philadelphia Police Department. During the last 10 years, he was assigned to the Philadelphia DEA Task Force as a street supervisor and an undercover agent investigating the distribution of illicit drugs and the diversion of pharmaceutical drugs.

In January 2009, Carlos M. Aquino founded PharmaDiversion, LLC as a compliance consulting firm assisting a DEA registrant, who handle controlled substances and regulated chemicals, with compliance of federal laws and regulations that are enforced by DEA through the Office of Diversion Control. This is done through a “Mock” audit and inspection equivalent to a DEA Diversion on-site inspection. The firm also provides in-service training on various areas pertaining to compliance with federal laws and DEA regulations for handling controlled substances.

Topic Background:

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is responsible for the enforcing of federal laws and DEA regulations pertaining to the administering, dispensing, and prescribing of controlled substances by a practitioner as part of pain management treatment plan.

Every day medical offices are being targeted by law enforcement as “Pill Mills” because of the drug being dispensed or prescribed to patients. By DEA definitions a practitioner includes a Medical Doctor, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, a Physician Assistant, and a Nurse Practitioner that are license by the State in which they practice. Many legitimate clinics and practitioners have been a target of an investigation by law enforcement based only on a single prescription, the quantity dispensed, or through an interview of a patient who was dismissed as a patient for not complying with the patient agreement.

Today’s practitioners treating pain need to take the necessary steps to prevent the diversion of prescribed medication to a patient being treated for that pain. These steps are essentials to comply with federal laws and DEA regulations and the policies established by the State Medical Board or the Board of Pharmacy.

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