Most Important HR Practice Regulations - FMLA vs ADA, Affirmative Action & OFCCP and Complying with FLSA

  • Duration: 5.5 hrs

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The following training is a pack of most informative training CDs on topics related to Human Resources most important rules, regulations and implementing them. These courses provide overall understanding, coordination and management of FMLA Crossover with ADA, Affirmative Action & OFCCP and Complying with FLSA

ComplianceOnline has created these trainings individually through world renowned experts and combined together to create a comprehensive course for companies to train their employees. You can store it as a library material and train all your employees in these compliance issues to get them ready for facing any kinds of compliance challenges and overcome it through expert advice and best practices.

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Webinar Topics:

When FMLA ends and ADA begins. The FMLA/ADA Crossover: Coordination, Management, and Compliance Strategies
3-hr Virtual Training: Affirmative Action and the OFCCP - An In-depth Primer
Complying with FLSA – How to Determine Exempt Status & Calculate Overtime Correctly

Module 1 : When FMLA ends and ADA begins. The FMLA/ADA Crossover: Coordination, Management, and Compliance Strategies (Duration: 90 Minutes)
1 CD Price: $449
Instructor: Beth Brascugli De Lima

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Clarification of employee notifications as they apply to both FMLA and ADAAA in an intermittent and reduced schedule leave environment.
  • Explanation on how to respond to intermittent leave requests that include a potential or specific ADA accommodation.
  • How to respond to ADA / Workers’ Compensation light duty restrictions as they relate to FMLA intermittent and reduced schedule leave.
  • Documentation guidelines that will help your company stay out of court and/or avoid settling claims.
  • When to hold a good faith meeting and how to document the process.
  • What notification is required at various timelines in the FMLA / ADA leave and accommodation process.
  • Medical releases to obtain additional data outside of the FMLA medical certification.
  • When you can terminate an employee who has exhausted their FMLA benefits without running afoul with the ADAAA
  • Specific case studies will be evaluated to illustrate various scenarios that can cause confusion and leave a company open to potential litigation

Module 2 : 3-hr Virtual Seminar: Affirmative Action and the OFCCP - An In-depth Primer (3 Hrs)
1 CD Price: $799
Instructor: Cathleen Hampton

Areas covered in this session:

  • A history in review of affirmative action.
  • Legislative and judicial history and current trends.
  • The difference between EEO and AA
  • The true meaning of affirmative action.
  • The difference between diversity and affirmative action
  • Key principles of affirmative action program design.
  • OFCCP enforcement mandate.
  • Key priorities for OFCCP.
  • Know how to quickly and easily determine contractor status.
  • Enforcement tools used by the OFCCP when auditing your workforce program.
  • OFCCP enforcement trends.
  • Recent changes in enforcement guidelines including the new scheduling letter.
  • Paycheck fairness Act defeated in Congress, or was it?
  • The standard of Compliance is “Good Faith” and what that means for your program.
  • Most common compliance failures.
  • Beware of the Inference provision.
  • Most frequent Data collection and data management failures.
  • Most frequent Record keeping failures.
  • Key principles of affirmative action program design.
  • Understanding of contractor requirements for affirmative action.
  • Understanding and preparing for the analytical requirement.
  • Technology and how to get the most return on investment.

Module 3 : Complying with FLSA – How to Determine Exempt Status & Calculate Overtime Correctly (60 Minutes)
1 CD Price: $399
Instructor: Susan Desmond

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • What is actual “time worked” under the FLSA.
  • What is meant by “suffered or permitted” to work?
  • Exempt versus Nonexempt Status.
  • Deductions from exempt pay - avoiding the landmines.
  • Hourly versus Salaried Status.
  • How to determine FLSA classification of positions.
  • Problems with "job creep" and "perception of status".
  • How to calculate working time – including travel time, training time, “donning and doffing and others.
  • Methods of calculating overtime – salary coefficient, piece rates, blended rates, BELO contracts.
  • Employee-employer relationship versus independent contractor status.
  • Suggested policies to administer under FLSA.
  • Compensatory time off versus pay in lieu of notice.
  • What to do when you discover that you have made an error.

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