Managing Corrective Actions: How to stay compliant, stop alienating your workers and prioritize/optimize your efforts


Instructor: Jim loud
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Training Level: Intermediate to Advanced

  • Duration: 90 Min
This webinar is intended to help companies ensure that corrective actions, both regulatory and internally identified, actually fix the problems they address, are appropriately prioritized and are tracked to a timely completion.
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Why Should You Attend:

Webinar participants will learn:

  • How to engage workers in identifying needed corrective action.
  • How to avoid missed deadlines and regulatory noncompliance.
  • How to ensure that corrective actions address root causes.
  • How to prioritize corrective actions.
  • How the workforce can engage to help the entire process, from identification to closure.
  • How to track actions and communicate progress.
  • How to ensure critical corrective actions are closed appropriately – and stay closed.
  • How to become more proactive and less reactive.

If the answer to any of the following questions makes you uncomfortable about how well your company is correcting deficiencies, that’s a good start. Identifying the need for improvement is the first step. The stakes are high. Failing to properly address regulatory deficiencies can earn you fines, shutdowns and an adversarial relationship with your regulators. In addition, any poorly handled deficiency, regardless of its origin, can result in serious preventable incidents, law suits, distrustful employees and lost improvement opportunities. So, ask yourself the following:

  • Does your company have problems with missed regulatory (e.g., OSHA, EPA) deadlines and commitments?
  • Do you often experience the same problems over and over again?
  • Are you frequently surprised when incidents occur due to longstanding and obvious, yet unidentified, problems?
  • Does it sometimes seem like you’re playing Whack-a-Mole with recurrent similar incidents?
  • Do you have a handle on all your identified issues and commitments and know the status of progress on each?
  • Have you prioritized your corrective actions such that your resources are addressing the most important things first?
  • Are your employees frustrated and disengaged because they believe their concerns are unaddressed and/or not appreciated?
  • Do you have a tracking system that lets you know when an item is completed?
  • Do some of your corrective actions appear in multiple tracking systems leading to redundant effort?
  • Are you confident that completed corrective actions adequately address the problems identified?
  • And lastly, have you effectively engaged your workforce in identifying issues that beg attention?

This webinar will help attendees effectively address all of the above issues in a practical and cost- effective manner. Missed deadlines and unfixed deficiencies are costly, not just in potential fines and citations, but also in lost productivity and credibility. Few companies can afford such a loss, and, as webinar participants will learn, they don’t have to.

This course provides a roadmap for ensuring that required corrective actions don’t fall through the cracks, and, actually fix the issues that spawned them. Every company is likely to own corrective actions designated by its regulators and the best companies also actively encourage their workers to identify hazards as well as improvement opportunities. That can add up to a daunting array of issues to manage.

Many companies, even relatively small ones, have difficulty keeping up with their commitments and end up missing regulatory deadlines, “fixing” the same problem over and over again and failing to prioritize needed corrections. Regulatory noncompliance, missed deadlines, wasted time and money on ineffective fixes and disillusioned employees are often the result.

The webinar will focus on environmental and safety issues but the concepts discussed are directly applicable to any organizational function.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Ensuring that corrective actions address the root causes of identified issues
  • Involving employees in identifying hazards and issues requiring corrective action
  • Capturing all corrective actions in one place to aid in their management
  • Prioritizing corrective actions
  • Ensuring that actions are actually complete, and effective, before closure
  • Using workers to help manage the entire corrective action program
  • Tracking actions according to age, status and importance
  • Communicating action progress to regulators and stakeholders
  • Minimizing repeat issues (i.e., where the previous corrective action was ineffective)

Who Will Benefit:

All managers and supervisors responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance and continuous improvement.

In addition:

  • Regulatory Affairs personnel
  • Environmental Safety and Health staff
  • Quality Assurance staff
  • Other positions involved with tracking responsibilities

Free Materials:

  • Articles
  • Corrective action template
Instructor Profile:
James Loud

James Loud
Safety Management Consultant, James Loud Consulting

James Loud, MPH, MS, CSP. Mr. Loud has over 40 years of hands-on experience in a wide variety of management and Environmental Safety Health positions. Management experience includes direct responsibility for critical organization-wide programs such as worker safety, quality assurance, nuclear safety oversight, training, independent assessment and regulatory compliance. Mr. Loud served as the corporate lead for nuclear safety oversight at the Tennessee Valley Authority and as director of the Performance Assurance Division for the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Mr. Loud is a frequent and sought after speaker at national and international conferences, webinars and university classrooms. He has authored numerous articles and papers for professional health and safety and general industry publications on a variety of topics including corrective action management.

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