Course Description:

Last year, OSHA conducted nearly 40,000 workplace inspections without warning, discovering over 89,000 violations that resulted in millions of dollars in fines. In one example, an HVAC company in Texas was fined over $1.2 million for record keeping violations.

Are you prepared for an OSHA visit at your workplace? Frightening perhaps to think about, but in reality there is no need to fear an OSHA visit - if you understand compliance and your organization’s responsibilities.

Attend this interactive and fun two-day OSHA compliance program and attendees will learn:

  • What OSHA expects when they visit
  • Complicated and confusing governmental regulations
  • How to avoid OSHA fines
  • How to create money saving safety program
  • How to keep employees safe

Early Bird Discount and Bonus Learning Material:

Register before 20th July 2014 and get double benefit of early bird price offer and password protected access to a database full of safety inspection forms, written safety plans and other required documents. This database will save you a ton of time and won’t cost you a penny.

Also each participant will receive a 10 hour General Industry OSHA card approximately 45 days after the event (they have to be ordered through OSHA).

It’s all included in your basic tuition cost.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, participants will:

  • Understand what OSHA compliance means in their organization
  • Discover how to answer any OSHA compliance question within minutes
  • Easily identify their employee training and right-to-know responsibilities
  • Reduce costly injuries and illness in the workplace
  • Avoid stressful and expensive OSHA audits
  • Stay off OSHA’s targeted visit list by implementing a Proactive Safety Program (PSP)
  • Develop complete safety programs so they can concentrate on their “real jobs”
  • Improve protection of employees and increase their productivity so their organization can increase profits in a down economy
  • Improve relationships with employees as they are better protected
  • Avoid negative publicity from workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Reduce their Workers Comp and liability insurance costs freeing up funds for other initiatives
  • Win more contracts that require formal OSHA training and a 10 hour OSHA card

Who Will Benefit:

This detailed two-day training class is designed for anybody responsible for safety in their organization including:

  • Safety managers
  • Compliance officers
  • Safety committee members
  • HR professionals
  • Facility managers
  • Chief engineers
  • General managers
  • Department heads
  • Risk managers

Topic Background:

Fear of OSHA fines might be a driver for compliance but what about the financial benefits of a proactive safety program? In today’s turbulent economy, organizations are looking for creative ways to reduce costs and create a competitive advantage. While “looking beyond the leaves” for opportunities most organizations fail to recognize the safety program as a potential profit center.

Recently Liberty Mutual Insurance conducted a survey that suggests for every dollar spent on safety organizations have received a $3 to $4 return on investment. One organization, ServiceMaster was able to save $2.4 million on Workers Compensation over a 24 months period. What’s their secret? Is it really possible to transform your safety program into a proactive profit creating program?

Course Outline:

Day One (8:30 AM - 4:00 PM) Day Two (8:30 AM - 1:30 PM)

Registration Process: 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM
Session Start Time: 9:00 AM

  1. An Introduction to OSHA
  2. Are You Covered by Federal OSHA or a State Plan?
  3. OSHA Citations and Fines – Protect Your Pocketbook!
  4. The 15 day Informal Conference – Your Chance to Reduce the Fines
    1. Fines Reduction Strategies
    2. Good Faith Reduction
    3. Size of Organization Reduction
    4. Clean Record Reduction
    5. Quick Fix Reduction
    6. Outside Safety Consultant Reduction
  5. OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping
    1. How to Correctly Fill Out the OSHA 300 / OSHA 301 / OSHA 301
    2. Recordkeeping Triggers
    3. Workplace Exceptions
      1. Size Exemption – Are You Exempted?
      2. Industry Exemptions – Are You Included?
  6. How to Quickly Determine Your Injury Rate / DART Rate
    1. Your Industry Benchmark – This is What You Shoot For

    BONUS TOOL: The Injury Rate Calculator

  7. How to Read Your CFR (The OSHA Regulations)
    1. The General Duty Clause
    2. Employees Obligation to Comply With OSHA
  8. A Simple Five-Step Process to Answer Any OSHA Question
    1. Regulations
    2. Letters of Interpretation
    3. Compliance Directives
    4. Case Law
    5. Educated Guess

    CASE STUDY: Are You Required to Have a First Aid Team?

  9. Can You OSHA Proof Your Company?
    1. The Three Components of an OSHA Inspection
    2. The OSHA Compliance Wheel

    CASE STUDY: How to Conduct Safety Inspections When You Don’t Know What You’re Looking For.
    BONUS TOOL: A Library of Written Safety Plan Templates

  10. The Hazard Communication Standard – Employees Right to Know
    1. Transition to the GHS Standard
    2. Written HAZCOM Plan
    3. Employee Training
    4. Labeling of Containers
    5. Chemical Inventory List
    6. Safety Data Sheets

  1. Combustible versus Flammable Chemicals – What’s the Difference?
    1. Chemical Storage, Transport, Use, and Disposal (The method)
    2. Grounding and Bonding During Transfer
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    1. OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, NFPA. What PPE Standards Must You Follow?
    2. Protective Eyewear Requirements
    3. Safety Shoes, Gloves and Head Protection
    4. Respiratory Protection – What’s Really Required?
    5. Medical Evaluations
      1. Fit Testing – Qualitative and Quantitative
      2. Employee Training Requirements
      3. Filter Designations and Understanding Particulates
      4. Voluntary Use of a Respirator – Is It Allowed?
  3. Inside Your Facility – Where Does the Danger Exist?
    1. Powered Industrial Trucks
    2. Fork Lifts and Attachments
    3. Aerial Lifts and Fall Protection
    4. Walking & Working Surfaces
    5. Emergency Plans and Egress Points
    6. Portable Fire Extinguisher Use
    7. Fire Sprinkler Essentials
    8. Ladders, Stairs and Guardrails
    9. Electrical Hazards Including Arc Flash
  4. The Hierarchy of Control
    1. Engineering Solutions
    2. Administrative / Workplace Solutions
    3. Personal Protective Equipment

    GROUP EXERCISE: Dissection of a Lost Time Injury
    BONUS: OSHA’s Audit Database – How to Use This Tool to Predict What OSHA Looks For

  5. Putting it All Together – Your Proactive Safety Program in Motion
  6. In Closing – What is Your 30 Day Action Plan?

Meet Your Instructor

David A. Casavant
Executive Director, The Sustainable Workplace Alliance

David Casavant, CFM, LEED AP is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Workplace Alliance, a 501(c)(3) not‐for‐profit organization dedicated to Health & Safety in the workplace. He is known for his common sense solutions for complex compliance issues.

Mr. Casavant is an authorized OSHA 500 & 501 trainer and in 2007, 2008 and 2010 his organization was awarded the prestigious Susan Harwood training grant from OSHA. He has been a featured speaker at World WorkPlace, American Management Association, Rockhurst University, NeoCon, SkillTV, Total Facility Management Forum and the NFM&T conference. Additionally, Mr. Casavant has written hundreds of business related articles. His articles can be found in a number of trade publications including the Facility Management Journal, Buildings, PlantServices, SkillTV and Building Operating Management.
In 2013 The Sustainable Workplace Alliance was awarded a Hazardous Materials Transportation training grant from the DOT / PHMSA and David led the initiative to provide no‐cost training to hazmat professionals in 27 cities across the country.

Mr. Casavant was awarded the 2003 International Facility Managers Association’s “Distinguished Author” award for his latest book entitled Emergency Preparedness for Facilities – A Guide to Safety Planning & Business Continuity. This prestigious award was presented to Mr. Casavant at IFMA’s World WorkPlace 2003 in Dallas, Texas (USA).

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