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Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the globe face unprecedented challenges in the dynamically changing clinical, regulatory and business landscape. Aging populations, chronic diseases, technology and treatment advances are expected to spur health sector growth in 2016. As we approach 2016, it is imperative that leaders in the pharma space understand the trends and shifts happening around them.

This summit will provide a venue for industry experts, policymakers, manufacturers, inventors and clinician to discuss and debate these challenges as well as explore new strategies and opportunities for growth. This event therefore gives professionals – whether they are new entrants in the field or middle management or veterans – to interact with the leading minds in the industry about the current state of laws and technology and government oversight and more.

The panel discussions, debates, workshops and exhibitions will also throw light on the direction the industry will take in the future – making it all the more important for today’s pharma professionals to actively take part in this Summit.

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ComplianceOnline Pharma Summit 2016 - Risk Control & Compliance will include the following:

Keynote Addresses

Leading pharma/biotech experts and company executives give their view of the current issues and future challenges in the industry.

Panel Discussions

Panels comprising some of the well-known thinkers and innovators in biotech/pharma technology, regulatory compliance and quality will discuss and debate the hottest issues that are affecting the industry. Attendees will be able to interact with panel members during these debates and get unparalleled insight into the state of the industry.

Multiple Tracks

The Summit will have event tracks dedicated to topics affecting each division/segment of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Focused Workshops

Expert-led workshops that will help those pharma professionals starting out in their careers and even more senior professionals who need to brush up on new technologies, regulations, processes and more.

Networking Sessions

Attendees will get to interact with and meet the leading decision makers in the industry in order to exchange ideas, discuss business opportunities and share strategies in focused, small groups.

Exhibitors' Stalls

A unique opportunity for biotech and pharma companies both big and small to market their offerings and identify new business opportunities.

Post-Event Community Access

Attendees will get access to community that ensures they can continue to build on the networking opportunities and interest that began during the event.

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Time Mins DAY-1 Sessions
8:00AM - 9:00AM 60 Mins Registration and Breakfast
9.00AM - 9.05AM 5 Mins Introduction to ComplianceOnline & Summit
9.05AM - 9.30AM 25 Mins Future of Healthcare, NOT Embodied by Government Reform - Inspirational Keynote
Tom Loker
Businessman Author | Speaker, Startup Consultant and Advisor SYDK.ORG, Contributor to California Political Review
9.30AM - 10.00AM 30 Mins Quality Risk Management for Pharmaceutical Quality
FDA Professinal Invited
10.00AM - 10.30AM 30 Mins FCPA and Internal Control Issues Across Pharmaceutical Industry
John Kelly E
Healthcare, Compliance and Government Investigations Attorney at Bass, Berry & Sims
10.30AM - 10.45AM 15 Mins Networking/Tea Coffee Break
10.45AM - 11.05AM 30 Mins Creating Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals in the USA and Abroad, Which Ones Work for What Critical
Ailments and Why. Federal and State by State Laws, What are the Differences and Maneuvering With Them.
Raymond Dabney
President & CEO, Co-Founder and Director CannabisScience
11.05AM - 11.25AM 20 Mins Sponsorship & Speaking Opportunities
11.25AM - 11.45AM 20 Mins How Disruptive Health Technologies can Successfully Approach & Comply with Regulation
Josh Stein
CEO & Co Founder, AdhereTech
11.45AM - 12.10PM 25 Mins FDA Quality Metrics Update
Angela Bazigos
CCO, Morf Media
12.10PM - 12.30PM 20 Mins Assay Modernization for Legacy Biologics – Good for Industry, Regulators and Public Health
Rajesh K Gupta
Visionary Scientific & Compliance Consultant and Former Deputy Division Director and Lab Chief, Div of Product Quality, FDA CBER
12.30PM - 1.30PM 60 Mins Networking Lunch

Track A - Sessions Track B - Sessions
1.30PM - 2.10PM 40 Mins 1.30PM - 2.10PM 40 Mins
Drug Safety Regulatory Update and Outlook
FDA Professinal Invited
FDA Approval Licensing Process for Products Containing Novel Adjuvant
FDA Professinal Invited
2:10PM - 2.50PM 40 Mins 2:10PM - 2.50PM 40 Mins
Process and SOP Compliance
Darin Oppenheimer
Regulatory Affairs Expert, Global Medical Device Regulations & Licensure Authority, Strategic & Engaging Leader, Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Challenges Associated with Stakeholders Amidst Mergers & Acquisitions
Rick Williams
Partner, Newport Board Group New England Practice, Chairman of Point Care Technology, Board member of Amorphex Therapeutics
2.50PM - 3.05PM - 15 Mins - Networking Coffee / Tea Break
3.05PM - 3.45PM - 40 Mins - Vendor Governance / Supply Chain Management
Angela Bazigos
CCO , Morf Media
3.45PM - 4.00PM - 15 Mins - Closing Mark - Next Day Plan

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Note: This program may be subject to alterations and additions.

Time Mins DAY-2 Sessions
8:00AM - 9:00AM 60 Mins Breakfast and Networking
9.00AM - 9.50AM 50 Mins FDA's View on Domestic Manufacture of APIs in the Country
FDA Professinal Invited
9.50AM - 10.35AM 45 Mins Putting Controls on Marketing as a Biotech Company Moves into Commercialization
Rick Skow
Corporate Counsellor, Cempra
10.35AM - 11.05AM 30 Mins Returning the FDA to Its Proper Role in the Medical Ecosystem
Dr. Joseph Gulfo
Executive Director, Rothman Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
11.05AM - 11.25AM 20 Mins Networking Coffee/Tea Break
11.25AM - 11.55PM 30 Mins How Does the FDA Monitor Off Label Drug Administration
FDA Professional Invited
11.55AM - 12.10PM 15 Mins Sponsorship & Speaking Opportunities
12.10PM - 12.30PM 20 Mins Clinical Trials--Assessing Safety and Efficacy for Diverse Populations
Nanda Subarao
Senior Consultant, Biologics consultant Group
12.30PM - 1.30PM 60 Mins Networking Lunch

Track A - Sessions Track B - Sessions
1.30PM - 2:15PM 45 Mins 1:30PM - 2:15PM 45 Mins
Standardizing Packaging & Labelling Globally
Norma (Kirschner) Skolnik
Regulatory consultant, EAS Consulting Group
Healthcare Compliance and the Sunshine Act – Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Kari K. Loeser
Senior Director & Senior Compliance Counsel, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc
2.15PM - 3:00PM 45 Mins 2.15PM - 3:00PM 45 Mins
Repositioning or Expanding the Purpose of a Biologic,
Advantages and Roadblocks on the Regulatory
Path to Approval for a New Indication

Nikolaos Tezapsidis, PhD
President & CEO, Neurotez, Inc.
Evolving Payment Models and Regulatory Consideration
Michale J Kritelli
Healthcare Leader
3.00PM - 3.20PM - 20 Mins - Networking Coffee / Tea Break
3.20 PM - 4.00PM - 40 Mins - Biomarkers are Here - Now What?
Amir Handzel
Science Director, AstraZeneca
4.00PM - 4.30PM - 30 Mins - Closing Remarks & Certifiactes

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Note: This program may be subject to alterations and additions.

Experts from Industry
Robert Popovian
Sr. Director, US Government Relations, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Rick Williams
(Partner, Newport Board Group New England Practice,
Chairman of Point Care Technology, Board Member of Amorphex Therapeutics)
John Kelly E
Healthcare, Compliance and Government Investigations Attorney, Bass, Berry & Sims
Darin Oppenheimer
(Regulatory Affairs Expert, Global Medical Device Regulations & Licensure Authority, Strategic & Engaging Leader, Baxter Healthcare Corporation)
Tom Loker
(Businessman | Author | Speaker, Startup Consultant and Advisor SYDK.ORG, Contributor to California Political Review)
Mark Faupel
CEO, Guided Therapeutics inc.
Nikolaos Tezapsidis
PhD, President & CEO, Neurotez, Inc
Rick Skow
Corporate Counsellor, Cempra
Nanda Subbarao
Senior Consultant, Biologics Consulting Group
Kari K Loser
Senior Director & Senior Compliance Counsel, Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Terri Jollymour
Senior Director, Corporate Q&C Strategy, Operations Readiness & Convergence, Johnson & Johnson
Michale J Kritelli
Healthcare Leader
Rajesh K. Gupta
Visionary Scientific & Compliance Consultant,
Biologics Quality & Regulatory Consultants, LLC
Josh Stein
CEO & CO Founder, AdhereTech
Dr. Ron Weissman
(Chairman, Software SIG, Band of Angels)
Amir Handzel
Science Director, AstraZeneca
Raymond Dabney
President & CEO, Co-Founder and Director, CannabisScience
Joseph Gulfo
Executive Director, Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Norma (Kirschner) Skolnik
Regulatory Consultant, EAS Consulting Group
Angela Bazigos
(CCO Morf Media Inc)

Robert Popovian
Sr Director, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Inc

Dr. Robert Popovian is Sr. Director, US Government Relations at Pfizer Inc. He brings almost two decades of experience in numerous facets of biopharmaceutical and health care industry with a strong track record of expertise, innovation and results in Health Care Policy and Economics, Government Relations, Medical Affairs, and Strategic Planning.

Dr. Popovian has published and presented extensively on the impact of biopharmaceuticals and health policies on health care costs and clinical outcomes, including authorship in clinical and healthcare delivery journals and published expert source in Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Pink Sheet and Bloomberg News amongst many others. He also writes a monthly column published in Morning Consult regarding health policy and economic issues relevant to the biopharmaceutical industry. Dr. Popovian is a frequent speaker at healthcare policy and medical conferences on topics such as payment and delivery reform, use of real world data, policies that enable biopharmaceutical innovation and health economics. He currently serves as a board member for the Global Healthy Living Foundation.

Dr. Popovian is one of the few researchers who has studied and published both clinical and policy related economic analysis as well as one of a handful who have studied and published empirical data regarding emerging payment mechanisms in the US healthcare system. He was also one of the first to secure inclusion of health outcomes data regarding labeled indication of a biopharmaceutical.

Dr. Popovian completed his Doctorate in Pharmacy and Masters of Science in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy degrees at the University of Southern California with honors. The degree in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy was the first one conferred by an accredited university in the US. He has also completed a residency in Pharmacy Practice/Adult Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the Los Angeles County – University of Southern California Hospital where he was the head pharmacy resident (primary area of research: gram negative bacteremia) and a fellowship in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy at University of Southern California (primary area of research: payment reform).

Terri Jollymour
Senior Director, Corporate Q&C Strategy, Operations Readiness & Convergence, Johnson & Johnson

Terri Jollymour is a member of the Operations Readiness & Convergence (ORC) enterprise group, leading strategic efforts in the convergent space for Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Terri works across the three main business sectors: Consumer/McNeil, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Device & Diagnostics to ensure safety, quality and sustainability for the convergent space.

Within J&J’s Convergent Space, Terri is responsible for comprehensive engagement with project teams to assess and mitigate new product development for product, process and program risks. This spans across early to late development and pre-launch readiness. Terri is also accountable for strategic leadership initiatives in the Supply Chain organization, such as leading the implementation of the Combination Product CGMPs. Terri’s group is responsible for ad hoc support for convergent programs, to address specific issues or fill in specific roles on teams. Her group is also responsible for rapid tactical reponse for supply chain and/or quality and compliance mitigation issues across the enterprise. Terri leads the Convergent Network at J&J, which brings all three business sectors together for learning, sharing/leveraging and networking within this innovative space.

For over a decade, Terri has held top leadership roles in the convergent space within J&J. She has been responsible for leading large, complex, convergent product development program teams within J&J’s pharmaceutical and medical device & diagnostic sectors. She has been recognized for her outstanding leadership with numerous company recognition awards and executive programs.

Terri earned her degree in Pharmacology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Prior to J&J, she worked in the diagnostic space at Syva and led controlled release drug-delivery programs (combination products) at ALZA Corporation. She held positions of increasing responsiblities within program management, R&D, analytical sciences and quality assurance over her many years in the health care industry. She is a member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and is a certified Project Management Professional. Terri is married and has three children and three dogs! She enjoys swimming with her masters team, cycling, hiking and skiing. She resides in Northern California.

Rick Williams
Partner, Newport Board Group New England Practice, Chairman of Point Care Technology, Board Member of Amorphex Therapeutics

As Chairman of the Board for an international medical device company,led successful strategic repositioning work in response to the evolving technology, market and financial environment. The repositioning involved a product transition from hardware to disposables.Lead funding initiatives with private and VC investors. Founded and led an award winning real estate development company. As Board Chair, led the transformation of a quasi-public state agency into a one stop center for small firms lacking access to conventional financing. Led large projects for public and private clients on the impact of regulation on major US industries. He as helped numerous companies and investors evaluate new business opportunities.

Board member of VC backed med tech company bringing slow release long term drug delivery product to market.

Michale J Kritelli
Healthcare Leader

John Kelly E
Healthcare, Compliance and Government Investigations Attorney, Bass, Berry & Sims

Rajesh K. Gupta
Visionary Scientific & Compliance Consultant, Biologics Quality & Regulatory Consultants, LLC

Darin Oppenheimer
Regulatory Affairs Expert, Global Medical Device Regulations & Licensure Authority, Strategic & Engaging Leader, Baxter Healthcare Corporation

MS is a Regulatory Affairs Director at Baxter Healthcare. Based in the Chicago Area, Darin is involved in many facets of the Product Development Lifecycle including regulatory submissions, due diligence, and active participation on industry trade organizations and standards committees. Darin leads a team of regulatory professionals focusing on electromechanical devices and software. His prior background as a Research and Development Scientist focused on pharmaceuticals and medical device diagnostic applications for biomarker and drug discovery. Darin’s undergraduate degree is in Molecular Biology from the University of Tampa. He also holds two Masters Degrees from Johns Hopkins University in Biotechnology and Regulatory Science as well as a graduate Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise.

Josh Stein
CEO & CO Founder, AdhereTech

Tom Loker
Businessman | Author | Speaker, Startup Consultant and Advisor SYDK.ORG, Contributor to California Political Review

Tom has had an extensive history in healthcare. As an Angel Investor, Mentor and Advisor at Keiretsu Forum & Venture-Med and an established operations guy with serial successes with startups, transitional companies and turnaround situations, Tom has had a long career serving in the fields of science, technology and healthcare related industries. He is an active board member in both for-profit and not-for-profit companies. Tom has written numerous articles in the areas of healthcare, health tech, health policy, politics and the economy of healthcare. He is currently the principal author, along with a number of other contributors, of Health Reform 2.0: Beyond partisan divide lies pragmatic solutions – a working whitepaper focused on moving beyond the partisan rhetoric of the ACA (Obamacare) to a simple, efficient, effective, accessible and affordable healthcare system.

Tom has been involved with healthcare reform for many years, going back prior to President Obama’s election. He was active during the debate, advising on how to effectively get services to the underserved. He was a strong advocate for using true patient centered systems to improve the quality of care and patient outcome and was pivotal in the insertion of the concept of coordination of care and benefits as a repeated tenant of the Affordable Care Act. Tom is one of the few people that has read almost every word of every piece of legislation that came out of the various committees, as well as the various versions of the final legislation.

Tom’s understanding of the history of care in America helpes him get others to understand how we got to the non-system we have today, as well as how this system needs to fundamentally change in order to develop into the system we need for tomorrow. Tom's work on this whitepaper, mentioned above has been heralded as a fresh and valid approach to move beyond the ACA, or Obamacare, and get to a truly workable solution.

In the healthcare space, Tom has long maintained a passion for serving the underserved and has founded, supported and worked in various companies to serve the most fragile among us. He has developed a number of detailed approaches to solving the issues in the current, and evolving healthcare system. Because of his understanding and expertise in the business of healthcare, he has been invited to conduct multiple congressional briefings on healthcare reform in Congress, meeting with more than 100 congressional representatives.

Dr. Ron Weissman
Chairman, Software SIG, Band of Angels

Dr. Ron Weissman was vice president of strategy and corporate marketing for Verity, a global leader in corporate information retrieval and knowledge management. During his tenure at Verity, the executive team earned the large company "turnaround of the year" award (1999) from the Turnaround Management Association; Verity gained dominant market share and saw its market capitalization grow from $50 million to more than $1.5 billion. Prior to Verity, Ron spent more than five years at NeXT Computer, where he managed European and corporate marketing. In addition to his work in Silicon Valley, he ran academic computing at Brown University and at the University of Maryland, where he was Associate Professor of History. He is the author of two books on the history of Florence during the Renaissance.

Mark Faupel
CEO, Guided Therapeutics inc.

Amir Handzel
Science Director, AstraZeneca

Nikolaos Tezapsidis
PhD,President & CEO, Neurotez, Inc.

Dr. Tezapsidis is the founder of Neurotez, Inc. and has been the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors since the company was incorporated in 2005. Nikolaos successfully raised seed funds primarily through non-dilutive capital sources while building the company, recruiting top talent, maintaining top notch research and development programs and establishing a strong patent portfolio. In 2014 he closed a milestone-linked $100 million deal exclusive for China and initiated a partnership for a new memory screening test for Alzheimer’s patients, while last year he partnered with Kinemed for new research efforts. Currently Neurotez is raising funds for clinical trials testing leptin (Memtin) to treat Alzheimer’s. Nikolaos was recently interviewed by The National Herald

Having held several positions at a number of prominent academic institutions internationally, Dr. Tezapsidis has more than 18 years of hands-on biomedical research experience. Prior to forming Neurotez, Dr. Tezapsidis served as a scientific consultant to biotechnology investors, providing highly regarded expertise and establishing a business network.

From 2001 to 2004 he led a research group at Columbia University. Prior to that he held faculty positions at New York University Medical School (2000-2001) and at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM), New York (1997-1998) and was Laboratory Director at the Institute for Basic Research, New York (1998-2000). He also conducted mentored research at MSSM, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda and at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London, UK.

Among his career honors he received two awards from the Alzheimer’s Association, USA and fellowships from the Wellcome Trust and the Science and Engineering Council, UK.

He has several patents issued and pending both in the US and in foreign markets and is the author of more than fifty publications. Dr. Tezapsidis received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the Aristotle University, Greece and completed his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry at the University of Sussex, UK.

Raymond Dabney
President & CEO, Co-Founder and Director, CannabisScience

Rick Skow
Corporate Counsellor, Cempra

Joseph Gulfo
Executive Director, Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Joseph Gulfo is the Executive Director of the Rothman Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Fairleigh Dickinson University where he established the Initiative for Patient Centered Innovation. He has more than 25 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries. In 2012, he received the American Business Awards’ Maverick of the Year Award and was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist.

He teaches graduate cancer biology. Prior to this, he served as President & CEO of MELA Sciences (2004-2013) and was Chairman of the Board (2011-2013). He recently testified in front of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on "Connecting Patients to New and Potential Life Saving Treatments” and his work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, US News & World Report, and other national publications. He is a regular contributor to The Hill. His latest book, The Care Quotient: Transforming Business Through People will be released on September 13, 2016 and is available for pre-order.

Nanda Subbarao
Senior Consultant, Biologics Consulting Group

Dr. Subbarao received her Ph.D. in Bio-organic Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. She has more than 13 years hands-on industrial experience in stability and laboratory cGMP systems for both biologics and conventional drugs. She has extensive experience in evaluation of analytical methods and method validation for products ranging from pre-clinical to clinical and commercial phases. She is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor with expertise in setup of cGMP/GLP complaint Quality Systems for laboratory and stability programs as well as upgrade of existing Quality Systems for products during development and in commercial phase. She is currently a Senior Consultant with the Biologics Consulting Group specializing in Analytical, Stability, CMC and GLP/GMP Quality Systems.

Norma (Kirschner) Skolnik
Regulatory Consultant, EAS Consulting Group

Norma Skolnik has over 30 years of regulatory experience working with OTC drugs, Dietary Supplements, and Consumer Healthcare products. Her fields of expertise include advertising, labeling and claims review and advising firms on how best to comply with FDA requirements. She's helped many foreign firms successfully market products in the U.S. in compliance with FDA regulations. Meeting Adverse Event Reporting requirements and reviewing cosmetic claims are other areas of expertise and she's recently helped cosmetic firms market products in compliance with U.S. regulations.

Norma is an effective public speaker who's successfully conducted many seminars and webinars on FDA compliance for OTC drugs and Dietary Supplements and on differences between U.S. and Canadian regulatory requirements.

Kari K Loser
Senior Director & Senior Compliance Counsel, Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Kari Loeser, Esq. is senior counsel and senior director in the Corporate Compliance department at Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc. In this role, she advises client groups on legal and compliance matters pertaining to sales, marketing, and promotional matters for the Oncology franchise; medical affairs including clinical/research, publications, and health economic outcomes research; and managed care and reimbursement activities. She also manages a team responsible for federal/state aggregate spend reporting (transparency) and compliance field monitoring.

Prior to Jazz, Kari worked in medical affairs and healthcare compliance at Genentech, a member of the Roche Group. She has published various articles and a book chapter on E-Health and Ethics, and she has presented at various conferences, including the AHLA-HCCA Fraud and Abuse Conference. She is a licensed attorney, and is certified in Healthcare Compliance. She received her JD from DePaul University College of Law, and her BA with Honors from the University of Iowa.

Angela Bazigos
(CCO Morf Media Inc)

Angela Bazigos, is the CEO of Touchstone Technologies Silicon Valley, Inc. "Knowledge is Power". She has 35 years of experience in the Lifesciences industry spanning GLP, GCP, GMP, Medical Devices & 21 CFR 11 and has a patent aimed at speeding up Software Compliance.

Ms. Bazigos is a Past President of PRCSQA, a member of the SQA CVIC, ASQ, DIA and RAPS. She works closely with the FDA on behalf of her clients. She consults to LifeScience Investment Groups as well as to Pharma / Biotech / Medical Device companies on compliance matters, including strategy, submissions, quality assurance and remediations following action by the FDA.

More recently, Ms. Bazigos co-authored Computerized Systems in Clinical Research / Current Data Quality and Data Integrity Concepts with FDA, DIA and Academia. She was on the board for UC Berkeley’s Business School for Executive Education in Life Sciences and is now on the Stanford Who’s Who Registry for contributions to the Lifesciences industry.

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Local Attractions

The Philadelphia Museum of Art sits majestically on a rise at the end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The vast collections of this temple of art make it the third-largest art museum in the country, and an absolute must-see on the city's cultural circuit.

Among its impressive holdings in Renaissance, American, Impressionist and Modern art, some standouts include a great Rogier van der Weyden altarpiece, a large Bathers by Cezanne, a room devoted to Philadelphia's own Thomas Eakins, and Marcel Duchamp's notorious mixed-media Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors (The Large Glass), exactly as the dada master installed it.

With more than 3,600 acres of rolling hills and well-worn trails, Valley Forge is now a magnet for runners, bicyclists and picnickers as well as history buffs.

The vast expanse of open space links the Schuylkill River Trail to the Horse Shoe Trail, turning the park into a major hub in a 75-mile system linking Philadelphia to the Appalachian Trail.

The Liberty Bell has a new home, and it is as powerful and dramatic as the Bell itself. Throughout the expansive, light-filled Center, larger-than-life historic documents and graphic images explore the facts and the myths surrounding the Bell.

The 160,000-square-foot National Constitution Center explores and explains this amazing document through high-tech exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays. The Kimmel Theater, a 350-seat star-shaped theater, features “Freedom Rising,” a multimedia production combining film, a live actor and video projection on a 360° screen to tell the stirring story of “We the people.”

An innovator in designing hands-on exhibits before “interactive” became a buzzword, The Franklin Institute is as clever as its namesake. Its eminently touchable attractions explore science in disciplines ranging from sports to space.

Highlights include The Sports Challenge, which uses virtual-reality technology to illustrate the physics of sports; The Train Factory's climb-aboard steam engine; Space Command's simulated earth-orbit research station; a fully equipped weather station; and exhibits on electricity.

The Barnes Foundation was created in 1922, a school originating with Barnes’ educational experimentation in his Argyrol (pharmaceutical) factory. Barnes and The Foundation’s first director of education, John Dewey, were interested in fostering cognitive development through new approaches to education, and in heightening critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through the study of art. Barnes, like Dewey, was actively engaged in development of an intellectual framework and educational philosophies and practices with many of the best artists and thinkers of his day.

One of Philadelphia’s most famous pieces of public art is a bigger-than-life boxer… literally. Originally created for Rocky III, the sculpture is now a real-life monument to a celluloid hero. The fictional Rocky Balboa of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky movies was immortalized in bronze in 1980. After filming for the movie completed, Stallone donated the statue to the City of Philadelphia.

Franklin Square, one of Philadelphia’s five original public squares laid out by William Penn in his original plan for the city, has undergone a dramatic renovation. The park now boasts several family-friendly attractions, including a miniature golf course, classic carousel, burger joint, storytelling bench, picnic area and more.

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No, we do not combine discounts but we will honor the discount that is better for you.

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Yes, all refreshments and summit lunches have been carefully selected to offer you the best in banqueting. Please check the agenda for timings.

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This varies for each summit. Please do ask at our registration desk if you would like us to assist in facilitating meetings with anyone present to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the day.

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The cost of the hotel accommodation and travel is not included in the registration fee. To take advantage of our corporate accommodation rate, after completing the registration, please state you are attending ComplianceOnline Pharma Summit when making your hotel room reservation. Please note that special discounted hotel rooms are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Speakers and delegates normally wear formal business attire whilst attending the summit.

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If you have any special needs, disabilities, and/or dietary requirements please do let us know when you register for the event.

Do I have to pre-select the streams that I want to attend in a multiple stream summit?
Yes, for planning reasons we will need to know who is attending which stream.

When should I pay for the summit?
Payment must be received prior to the summit. To get the early bird price offer, please visit the “Price/Register” section of website.

How should I pay for the summit?
The simplest method of payment is via credit card using our secure online bookings. If you wish to book offline, we require written authorization along with credit card details by e-mail to [email protected] You can also send your PO with summit name and location by fax to +1-650-963-2556. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. Pay your check to (payee name) "MetricStream Inc" our parent company and mail the check to: ComplianceOnline (MetricStream, Inc), 2600 E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303.
If you have any questions concerning payment please feel free to contact our customer service team on +1-650-284-1695.

How can I get a receipt for my credit card payment?
There are two ways you can receive a receipt for your credit card payment:
  1. Unless otherwise requested, or if payment is made close to the event date, we will e-mail you your receipt.
  2. We are happy to fax a copy of the receipt for your records until you receive the original. You will need to advise our customer service team which option is preferable.
I am already busy at the time of the summit; can I still get the materials used?
Yes, if you know before booking that you cannot attend the summit, you can purchase materials used at the summit.

When will I receive my summit material?
Depending on whether you are a delegate or a document purchaser, you will receive your summit material at different times:
Delegates: Your badge and delegate pack will be available for collection at registration on the first morning of the summit.
Document Purchaser: Providing that payment has been received documents will be sent out two weeks after the event date.
Online Document Purchasers: Soft copy will be sent out to you via email two weeks after the event.

Can I receive a copy of the presentations?
Yes. All attendees will get a copy of the presentations after the summit. The distribution of presentation materials is subject to the speakers’ permission. If you are unable to attend the event, it is also possible to purchase a CD-ROM that contains presentations from the summit. For more details email us at [email protected]

What happens if I have to cancel?
  1. Cancellations may be made by phone but must be confirmed in writing within a month of the event, please see the event brochure for individual cut off dates.
  2. Please quote the order number and delegate name when cancelling.
  3. Cancellations must be received in writing. Cancellations received more than one month prior to the summit are subject to a $200 administration charge.
  4. Cancellations within 30 days of event date: In the event of cancellation 100% of the event fee is payable and non-refundable. All cancellation requests must be submitted to us in writing. If we agree to your cancellation then all cancellation fees are payable immediately after the acceptance of your cancellation in writing by us.
If you cancel a complimentary delegate place or fail to attend you will be liable to pay a cancellation fee of $200 for the event.

What happens if the event is postponed or cancelled?
In the event that ComplianceOnline postpones or cancels an event, delegate payments at the date of cancellation/ postponement can either be credited to a future ComplianceOnline event or refunded. This credit will be available for up to one year from the date of issuance. If the delegate is unable to attend the rescheduled event, the delegate is welcome to send a substitute delegate, free of charge, or will receive a credit representing payments made towards a future ComplianceOnline event.

Can I substitute a delegate?
Yes, substitution of a delegate is free of charge - we need full registration details before the summit in order to substitute a delegate. For more information on the details feel free to contact our customer service team on +1-650-284-1695.

Can I register at the summit venue?
Yes, you may register for summit on site and our registration personnel will be happy to help you. But we would suggest that you register as soon as possible as seats are limited.

ComplianceOnline is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration, cancellation, or postponement of an event. ComplianceOnline shall assume no liability whatsoever if this event is altered, rescheduled, postponed or cancelled due to a fortuitous event, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this summit inadvisable, illegal, impracticable or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but shall not be limited to: an act of God; governmental restrictions and/or regulations; war or apparent act of war; terrorism or apparent act of terrorism; disaster; civil disorder, disturbance, and/or riots; curtailment, suspension, and/or restriction on transportation facilities/means of transportation; or any other emergency.
Please note that speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, however, circumstances beyond the control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, ComplianceOnline reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary. Any speaker or schedule substitutions or alterations will be updated on our webpage as soon as possible.

Will I receive any information from you via mail?
After the summit, from time to time, you may receive updates on related upcoming seminars, webinars and summits.

Will I receive any e-mails from you?
If you have opted-in to e-mail communication with ComplianceOnline you will receive related market information and advanced notification of related events.

Will my contact details be shared with third parties?
No, ComplianceOnline does not give out your contact details to third parties. From time to time, you may receive information on relevant or related areas from one of our divisions.

How do I prevent SPAM filters from blocking my alerts?
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) utilize various methods to prevent unsolicited commercial e-mail (junk mail or spam) from being delivered to users' mailboxes. Some of these methods may mistakenly classify ComplianceOnline Pharma Summit emails as such and not deliver the alert to the recipient. Each ISP has different set of steps to follow to assure these alerts get delivered directly to the users' mailboxes. Typically the sender's domain name must be added to an address book or 'safe list'. To assure you receive ComplianceOnline Pharma Summit alerts via e-mail, please add to your address book or safe list. If you still have trouble, please contact the helpdesk via e-mail at [email protected]

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