How To Build a Profitable Generic Pipeline Before Your Competition


Instructor: Peter Wittner
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Training Level: Intermediate

  • Duration: 90 Min
We all want to have a great generic portfolio, but all our competitors also want the same thing - so how do you make sure that you get the winners to market before they do? Do you go for supergenerics, OTCs, smaller volume niches that you can exploit at higher prices - or should you stick to higher volume staples even though margins might be tight? The webinar looks at product selection and who else in the organisation you need to involve to ensure that you get there on time – is it regulatory? production planning? purchasing? strategic planners? The answer is – all of them!
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Why Should You Attend:

Beating competitors to the market with the right product is not just a matter of luck - it requires forward planning and coordination of different parts of the organization.

It would be nice if you could just look at products coming off patent next week, select the ones that you want to launch, ask regulatory to register them tomorrow and get production to turn out the launch stocks the day after. Of course, it is sadly not that simple! All these steps are of course necessary and, in that sequence, - but not over such a short time scale.

The webinar aims to outline what you need to do (and when) in order to:-

  • Choose the products that are right for you
  • Start the regulatory process at the right time
  • Organise production in a timely manner
  • Ensure that your customers are aware of your launch plans
  • Get the products to market at the right time

It is clear that the generics industry is an unpredictable environment that is constantly changing. Experience has shown us that we can predict anything – except the future! It is easy to make mistakes that have expensive consequences, particularly if moving into a new market.

Nevertheless, there are sensible steps that we can take to ensure that our product portfolio includes products that will allow us to stay in, and preferably in front of, the rest of the market.

It is probably realistic to view the generics business as a Darwinian world where companies need to evolve to survive.

If we look at those companies that are now the market leaders, we can see that they have done just that – evolved by swallowing smaller competitors and diversifying into new areas in search of lower levels of competition. We can also see that, as in the jungle, even top predators such as Teva can make mistakes, overreach themselves, and suffer terrible indigestion by trying to swallow a target that was too big (Actavis) and that resulted in their suffering a US$6bn write-down in 2017.

What lessons can we learn from the experiences of others - and how do we apply them to ourselves?

The webinar will give you guidelines on important issues such as:-

  • Markets: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, US, Asia
  • What growth strategies have the big generic players used?
  • How to differentiate?
    • Product portfolios and innovation:
    • Entry into new markets - are OTCs or supergenerics relevant to you?
    • Should you be looking at niche and speciality generics?
    • Create a competitive advantage by integrating patient-centricity

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Challenges of low prices and low margins
  • Building a sustainable product portfolio
  • Strategies used by market leaders
  • Niche and specialty generics
  • Super generics vs generics
  • Creating customer value and competitive advantage
  • Entry into the OTC market
  • Should you contract out more of your manufacturing – or expand your in-house production?
  • Avoiding expensive mistakes

Who Will Benefit:

  • Strategic planners
  • Marketing personnel
  • Commercial managers
  • Businesses Development
  • Production personnel
  • Regulatory
Instructor Profile:
Peter Wittner

Peter Wittner
Senior Consultant, Interpharm Consultancy

Peter Wittner, B.Sc., is an independent consultant specialising in the commercial aspects of generics with more than 30 years’ pharmaceutical experience. Before starting his own business, Peter headed the European sales and marketing departments of the UK generics companies Evans Medical and H.N. Norton, which later became part of IVAX.

He later joined the Indian generic leader Ranbaxy as Managing Director to help set up its UK business and then returned to consultancy work.
Peter is a regular speaker and trainer on topics related to generics and biosimilars.

His company Interpharm works with new market entrants on generic strategies, assists in business development for generic companies based outside the EU that are trying to enter the market and advises companies that are seeking to enlarge their product range.

While mainly oriented to the commercial side with services such as market intelligence and pricing overviews for example, Interpharm also advises on IP and patent issues as well as the legal background to the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and the US. In addition, Peter has increasingly become involved with biosimilars and has frequently spoken on the topic and run seminars on the subject.

On the other side of the equation, Interpharm has also worked with originator companies that are concerned with defending their major brands from generic incursion.

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