Excel Tools for HR and Payroll Function: Featuring Date/Time Formulas, Tables, and Much More

Instructor: Joe Weil
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  • Duration: 100 Min
This Excel training program will cover a wide range of Excel functions to help simplify the task of managing and maintaining employee data. From conditional formatting to highlight HR required information to an overview of Pivot Tables, HR Dashboards, and HR KPIs, this webinar will provide essential how-to practices for HR personnel, accountants, and administrative or supervisory personnel.
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Why Should You Attend:

HR professionals frequently supervise, manage and/or analyze and report many types of HR data. This overflow of personnel data ranges from employee time sheets to payroll records to department, divisional and company-wide employee information including: hiring date, salary, position, employee class, department, division, employee evaluation ratings and more.

This Excel training designed specifically for HR professionals can simplifying these tasks for you. Participants will learn how to use Excel to track and report much of your most frequently reported and analyzed HR data.

HR professionals will learn Excel tips and techniques that will save you hours of time resolving the difficulties you face on a daily basis in completing and analyzing employee time sheets, payroll, company-wide reports and more. This webinar is also helpful for professionals who do not work in HR but are accountants, administrative or supervisory personnel who want to learn how to better utilize Excel.

Learning Objectives

  • Date and Time Arithmetic for Employee Time Sheets and Much More
  • Date and Time Formatting and “Date/Time Stamping”
  • Conditional Formatting to Highlight HR Required Information
  • Password Protection for Sensitive Excel Payroll Files
  • How to Hide and Password Protect Sensitive Worksheets and Columns
  • Special Formatting Only You Can See for Salary Information
  • How to Use Excel Tables for Special HR Related Reporting and Analysis Tasks
  • How to Query Large HR Data Bases for Specific Answers
  • Overview of Pivot Tables, HR Dashboards, and HR KPIs

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Calculate hours worked and sick leave or vacation leave for each work period on an employee time sheet using Excel date and time arithmetic.
  • "Time and date-stamp" your documents automatically.
  • Calculate periodic payroll from an employee time sheet.
  • Display first name, last name with prefix in one single column from three different columns, or vice versa.
  • Find years of service of employees and instantly highlight senior employees.
  • Highlight above and below average performers, instantly, for thousands of employees.
  • Highlight employees earning over $100,000 per year instantly and count them department-wide and by department.
  • Extrapolate the top five percent of earners (or top 50 earners) from a data base of over 100,000 employees – instantly.
  • Find the total salary expenses in different regions, different departments.
  • Total the number of employees in the company and in different departments and average their salaries by department – instantly.
  • Find the total salary given to employees of a particular department or designation.
  • Find number of employees joined on particular date/month in any department or employee classification for the entire company.
  • Count number of employee titles in each department of the company or for the entire company and calculate the total salaries.
  • Display the records according to department, by hire date, by salary etc.
  • View summarized salary for all the different departments.
  • Find total number of employees working in specific department from specific dates.
  • Highlight above and below average performers.
  • Calculate the number of working days between dates easily and instantly.
  • Calculate the total days between dates easily and instantly.
  • Group employees into useful categories by salary, year of hire, and others.
  • Obtain a 10-minute introduction to the power of Excel Pivot Tables.
  • Obtain a 10-minute introduction on how to create an HR Dashboard and related KPIs.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Administrative Professionals
  • Compensation and Benefits Professionals
  • HR Reward and Payroll Professionals
  • HR Managers and Professionals
  • Administrative assistants and supervisors with a working knowledge of Excel
  • Accountants and managers who want to improve their Excel skills
Instructor Profile:
Joe Weil

Joe Weil

Joe Weil, CPA, M. Acc., is the president of the National Center for Continuing Education (NCCE), a Tallahassee based nationwide financial training firm. Mr. Weil has led over 400 seminars on Excel and financial topics and several highly acclaimed webinars on the same topics. He is a former corporate controller, former state agency director of auditing, and a former municipal CFO.

Mr. Weil earned his Master of Accounting Degree at Florida State University. His training clientele include Harley-Davidson, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Deloitte, Florida Power and Light, Motorola, National Institute of Science and Technology, and many others.

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Webinar may be cancelled due to lack of enrolment or unavoidable factors. Registrants will be notified 24hours in advance if a cancellation occurs. Substitutions can happen any time.

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