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  1. This method is used to measure the air resistance of approximately 6.45 sq. cm. (l sq. in.) circular area of paper using a pressure differential of 1.22 kPa.
  2. This method measures the amount of time required for a certain volume of air to pass through a test specimen.
  3. The instrument can be tested for air leakage by clamping a thin piece of smooth impervious metal foil Or cellophane between the clamping plates.
  4. One manufacturer of this equipment recommends a working range from a minimum of 10 seconds, with no upper limit. They advise caution in using the instrument for measurements below 10 seconds because the inner cylinder does not have adequate time to achieve a stable velocity of descent.

It Provides information on:

  1. Scope
  2. Apparatus
  3. Materials
  4. Calibration
  5. Sampling
  6. Test specimens
  7. Conditioning
  8. Precision


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