Pulp, Carboxyl groups, Bleached pulps, Cellulose, Ion exchange

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  • Determination of the content of carboxyl groups in bleached and delignified pulps.
  • Method is not applicable to unbleached and semi-bleached pulps.
  • Pulp is extracted (de- ashed) with dilute hydrochloric acid, washed, reacted with sodium bicarbonate-sodium chloride solution, and filtered.
  • The filtrate is titrated with 0.01 n hydrochloric acid to methyl red end point.
  • Carboxyl groups represent the ion-exchange capacity of a pulp.
  • Carboxyl groups contribute bonding of fibers and formation of paper
  • Carboxyl groups, -cooh, are acidic groups attached to cellulose chains and are formed mainly by oxidation of cellulose during pulping and bleaching processes.
  • A certain level of carboxyl groups is also associated with hemicelluloses.

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