Construction Company, AISC Compliant, Complete Quality System Kit

Construction company quality system kit is compliant with the AISC standard and has been repeatedly proven in industry. We know you'll save a significant amount of time in preparation to achieve compliance to your Customer's requirements or business goals by using the templates in the kit. Simply find-and-replace the word "your" in the templates with your business name or logo then tailor the procedures to match your business culture or leave them as-is and apply their requirements. The At-PQC™ quality expert is on-call worldwide to facilitate your compliance project, answer your questions and mentor your improvement team.

Author: JnF Specialties, LLC
File Size: 2.92 MB
Format: ZIP
Language: English
Provider: At-PQC™
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Price: $297.00
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Kit contains the following procedures, forms, work instructions and value added documents:


Construction Project Quality Plan/Program
QMS-00 Quality Control Manual - compliant with AC10-AC472-USACE
QMS-01 Document Control
QMS-02 Configuration Management
QMS-03 Records Control
QMS-04 Management Process Procedure
QMS-05 Responsibilities and Authorities
QMS-06 Training Program
QMS-07 Contract Review
QMS-08 Purchasing Manual
QMS-08-1 Purchase Order Review
QMS-09 Receiving
QMS-10 Production
QMS-11 Shipping
QMS-12 Internal Auditing
QMS-13 Corrective and Preventive Action
QMS-14 Control of Nonconformances
QMS-15 Calibration System


Facility Plan
QC-101 Configuration Audit
QC-102 Backup Documents and Files
QC-103, Document Archive
QC-104, Approved Suppliers
QC-104-1, Supplier Quality Requirements
QC-106, Supplier Mail-In Survey
QC-106-1, Supplier Mail-In Survey, Alternate
QC-106-2, Mail-In Survey Disposition
QC-108, First Article Inspection (AS9102)
QC-109, Validation of Tools and Molds
QC-111, Nonconformance Report Routing Procedure
QC-112, Preservation of Deliverable Items
QC-113, ESD Control (archive if not used)
QC-114 Audit Plan
QC-114-1, Periodic Internal Audit
QC-114-2 Periodic Internal Audit Form
QC-116, Variation Management (AS9103)
QC-116-1, C=0 Acceptance Sampling


Action Item
Action Plan
Activity Hazard Analysis
Authorization to Ship-1
Authorization to Ship-2
Configuration Bulletin
Calculated Risk Release
Calibration Forms
Calibration Seal
Calibration Reference-Only
Certificate of Compliance-1
Certificate of Compliance-2
Certificate of Test-1
Certificate of Test-2
Contract Review
Corrective Action Request
Daily Quality Control Report
Dimensional Analysis
Drawing Tree-Data List
Document Number Log
Document Revision Log
Document Transmittal Log
Engineering Order
Equipment List
Failure Analysis Report
Impact Analysis
Index of Drawings
Inspection Instruction
Inspection Record
Inspection Report
Management Review Report
Nonconformance Report Form-1
Nonconformance Report Form-2
Preservation, Packaging, Packing Instructions
Packing Slip
Punch List
Property Control Tag
Property Management Log
Property Record
Purchase Order
Purchase Requisition
QC Tags
QC Tags-1 QC Tags-2
Receiving Inspection Instruction-1
Receiving Inspection Instruction-2
Receiving Inspection Record
Receiving Log
Request for Corrective Action
Request for Information
Request for Quote
Request for Support (alternate nonconformance report form)
Request for Waiver or Deviation, Mil-Std-973
Routing Ticket-1
Routing Ticket-2
Routing Ticket-3
Shelf Life Expiration Log
Shipping Log
Submittal Register
Submittal Register-1
Submittal Register-2
Supplier Performance Rating
Survey Report
Transmittal Register (complementary)
Vehicle Safety Checklist (complementary)
Work Instruction-1
Work Instruction-2
Work Instruction-3
Work Instruction-4


Value-Added, Continuous Improvement Flowchart
Value-Added, Customer Satisfaction Survey
Value-Added, General Construction Project Standards
Value-Added, Procedure Template-1
Value-Added, Procedure Template-2
Value-Added, Drawing Review
Value-Added, Writing Template-1
Value-Added, Writing Template-2

Who will Benefit:

Business Owners
Quality Managers
Top Management.

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