Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan for any circumstance.

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Contingency Plan for any circumstance.

  1. The Project Team will agree upon the priorities used to determine and define mission critical systems .
  2. The scope of this plan may include groups of functionally related business systems so they may be incorporated into the same contingency plan while defining the risks, alternatives to control risks, and viable alternatives to overcome unforeseen failures .

Contingency Plan contains:

  1. Overview - Contingency Plan to provide a means for insuring the continuity of mission critical systems
  2. Scope - The objective of this plan is to provide guidance and methodology to the continuity of mission critical business systems in the event that any unforeseeable or uncontrollable circumstance arises.
  3. Plan Outline - The Contingency Plan will follow this basic outline. This outline addresses the criteria for invoking the contingency plan, excepted life of the plan, roles and responsibilities, renovation phase, procedures for operating in a contingency mode and basic procedures for returning to normal operating mode.

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