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Procedure for design review

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Procedure for design review

  1. The purpose of a design review is to enhance the probability of product, software or service success by identifying potential or actual design problems.
  2. The number and type of design reviews will depend on the complexity and criticality of the product, software or service.
  3. Products and services from subcontractors must be design reviewed according to requirements contained in flow down specifications.
  4. Changes made to a design subsequent to a successful review should be flagged at the next review.

It Provides information on:

  1. Philosophy
    • Number and Type of Design Reviews
    • Heritage Design Review
    • Software and Service Reviews
    • Design Review Items
  2. Types of Design Reviews
    • System Level Reviews
    • Subsystem Level Reviews
  3. Design Review Packages
    • System Level Design Review Data Package (BDR, PDR, CDR)
    • Circuit Design Review Data Package
  4. Responsibilities
    • Program Manager
    • Chief Engineer

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