Ink rub test of container board and corrugated board

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Ink rub testers are designed to evaluate the scuffing or rubbing resistance of an ink film or fiber surface on container board and corrugated board.Avariety of testsmaybemade, including: dry rub;wet rub; heated rub; wetbleedor transfer; wet smear; and functional rub.

This method evaluates resistance of inks to either dry or wet rubbing or scuffing. It can also be used to evaluate dry orwet surface strength of coated containerboard. unprinted container board, and other similar surfaces aswellasthe smearing or bleeding of inks.Aheated platen can also be used to evaluated heat resistance of inks and varnishes. Someuse this test to differentiate between strong andweak ink films and their adhesion to containerboard.Thistestexaminesrubresistance underdifferentconditionsthansomeothertypesofscuffingorrubbing tests (c.f. BS-3110) and should not be expected to produce results identical to othermethods.

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