Measuring the Pusey and Jones indentation of elastomeric roll cover materials

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The purpose of this Technical Information Paper is to define a standard method for the determination of the indentation of elastomeric roll cover materials by means of a Pusey and Jones type plastometer. This apparatus is used to measure the depth of indentation of an indentor, under fixed force, into the surface of the material. ASTM D 531 Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Pusey and Jones Indentation is the basis for this method, but it has been broadened to include elastomeric materials other than rubber, such as polyurethane, and it has been broadened to cover the in-situ measurement of cover materials. The method is limited to elastomeric materials with a measurement of 0 to 300 P&J and is not useful on harder rolls such as epoxy composite covered rolls and filled rolls.

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