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  • One of the objectives of the Process Engineering Committee is to provide information and instructions for the various pulp and paper making systems and equipment to assist management and the pulp and paper mill engineer in specification, evaluation and design of pulp and paper mill facilities.
  • This paper shows the material interrelationships within the recausticizing system as well as between it and the digester system.
  • The significance of this paper is not that the equations are particularly new and different, but that they are presented in one concise set; and that they are in simple form and can be conveniently used by anyone be they engineer, designer, mill operator or whoever.

It Provides information on:

For each major press stream - recovery smelt, green liquor, raw white liquor, white liquor (clarified), lime mud and weak wash - equations are given for each of the following:

  • Overall material flow rates.
  • Chemical component breakdown in NaO equivalents 2.
  • Chemical component breakdown in actual chemical form.
  • Overall water flow rate.
  • Water content on each stream.

In addition, for the raw white liquor and lime mud streams, the following quations are given:

  • Available lime and total lime flow rates.
  • Total and net “grits” flow rate.
  • Water consumed in slaking reaction.
  • Total lime mud solids flow rate.

It Benefits:

  • Production Manager.
  • Technical Manager.
  • Quality Manager.
  • Researchers.
  • Laboratory Personal.
  • Analyst.


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