The OSHA Answer Book

Author: Mark M. Moran
Edition: 2011
File Size: 3.25 MB
Format: PDF
Language: English
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The OSHA Answer Book has sold over 100,000 copies ! Many books have been written about OSHA regulations, but none covers all the information and topics you'll find in this one - and none is so up to date! Every employer should own a copy of the completely updated OSHA Answer Book 10 th edition-Anniversary Issue . It's as handy as the telephone book and will be used almost as often by employers, because it provides quick answers to complicated OSHA questions. It also features comprehensive explanations of OSHA's 1910 regulation and more..

It includes the following:

  • A complete listing of all OSHA's Recordkeeping Regulations (1904).
  • Sample forms to use when you contest your OSHA Citations!
  • Insider Tips on what to do when an OSHA Inspector shows up!
  • Covers all of OSHA's General Industry regulations (1910) in easy-to-understand language in every single subpart!
  • What is the New Injury and Illness Prevention Program?
  • How the Obama Administration decides to inspect Workplaces?

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