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The burst tester may be used when performing bursting strength tests on paper, paperboard, linerboard, corrugated board, and solid fiberboard.

Bursting strength of corrugated board is a requirement of various carrier regulations and governmental specifications. Bursting strength of linerboard is critical because paper mills may use this property to control their process in order to conform to the regulations and specifications mentioned above. The burst test is relatively simple to perform but is susceptible to serious errors if the instrument is not properly maintained.

The burst tester consists of the following:

  1. A means of clamping the test specimen between two annular surfaces.
  2. A molded diaphragm.
  3. A means of forcing liquid into the pressure chamber directly below the diaphragm.
  4. A gauge or pressure transducer system capable of reading bursting pressure.

This Technical Information Paper will outline the procedures used to change the diaphragm, check the burst tester calibration, and will also provide a list of typical errors and probable causes for error in the burst tester. This TIP does not discuss calibration procedures for the pressure gauges or transducers used with the burst tester.

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