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  • Because of the importance of wet pressing to the overall economics of the papermaking process, the Water Removal Committee of TAPPI saw a need for some guidelines in this area.
  • The purpose of this effort was to provide a uniform method of evaluating the performance of a paper machine press section in terms of economic factors.
  • The following items were to be included in the final result:
    • A list of factors which are of economic importance to the operation of a press or a press section.
    • Explanation of the importance of each factor.
    • Suggested methods for evaluating or estimating each factor.
    • A uniform method for reporting the results.
  • It is hoped that these guidelines may prove helpful in putting economic studies of wet pressing on a common footing in order that mill-to-mill comparisons might be more meaningful.

It Provides information on:

  • Primary paper related variables.
  • Operating costs.
  • Energy costs.
  • Potential savings

It Benefits:

  • Manufacturer.
  • Accountant.
  • Operations Manager.
  • Financer.
  • Auditor.


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