Template for a Software Maintenance Plan - Fifth Edition

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Author: Andrew Coster
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Customer Set for this product: Software and system engineering firms and firms that have software system
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A Maintenance Plan is a document setting out the specific maintenance practices, resources, and sequence of activities relevant to maintaining a software product. This document contains template-driven text that enables software professionals at all levels to produce a software maintenance plan that is effective, and standards-compliant. The template-driven text conforms to software maintenance plan requirements and specified in standard such as “ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207:2017,” and “ISO/IEC/IEEE 14764:2021.”

Informative and adaptable text eases the implementation and communication of software maintenance plans, processes, and work products. In particular this template contains generic sub templates for:

  • Maintenance Strategy
  • Scope of Maintenance
  • Maintenance Organization
  • The Maintenance Process
  • Pre-Delivery and Post-Delivery Maintenance Activities
  • Resources
  • Maintenance Cost Estimate
  • Training Requirements
  • Maintenance Records and Reports
  • Sample Modification Request Form

These templates provide generic descriptions and instructions that are compliant with the standard(s) listed above and provide a structure within which you can include detailed project-specific information. Once tailored, the template becomes a “Total” plan that allows implementation of software maintenance plan compliant with both widely used standards and project-specific requirements.

This template is available in PDF or word format. The latter format allows you to tailor the plan to your business case or the media that your organization wants to use the template for.

The template comes with 4 hours of free consultation, from experts that have firsthand knowledge of the subject, to answer questions on the template and is valid for 60 days after purchase of the product.

Key Words:

  • CM
  • IEEE 14764
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207
  • ISO/IEC/EEE 14764
  • Maintenance planning
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Software maintenance
  • Software maintenance plan
  • Software migration
  • Software retirement
  • Software templates

This product supports these Software Engineering processes

  • Maintenance And Operation

Customers of this product:

  • Accumis, China
  • AGSI
  • Air Combat
  • AT&T Government Solutions
  • Atco Frontec Canada
  • ATK
  • Bah
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Casas
  • Crosslinkortho
  • Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd., India
  • Democracy Data & Communications
  • Deputy Orthopedics
  • Earth Tech, Inc.
  • Experts
  • FBI
  • Gd-Ais
  • General Dynamics C4 Systems
  • Genesyslab
  • Genuity
  • Gestion Boucourt Inc., Canada
  • Impact Imaging, Inc.
  • Imperial Irrigation District
  • IMSA Illinois Mathematics And Science Academy
  • Screen Vision
  • Liberia Technical, Spain
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Lux Soft, Moocow Russia
  • M&M Precision Systems
  • Meta-Fleet
  • NATO
  • Network Resources, Inc.
  • NIIY (USA) Inc
  • Northrop Grumman It
  • Paradise-Tech, Abu Dhabi
  • Peachtree Settlement Funding
  • PSO Consulting Inc., Canada
  • Savantage Solutions, Inc.
  • Schwechat-Research Industrial Software Engineering
  • SERS Ltd.
  • SGS Technology Group
  • Solutions WV
  • Technodyne
  • The Boeing Company
  • The Washington Group
  • Thedirectors.Org.Uk
  • Venture Corporation Limited
  • Williams Energy Services

Note: “International Standards (ISO) define the best of practices for Medical Device and Software firms in producing a quality product. This checklist that SEPT produces will ensure that all of the best of practices are adhered to.”

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