Affordable Care Act and Sebelius’ Stand

  • Date: April 07, 2010
  • Source: Admin
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Quite expectedly, Sebelius started her speech by ambushing people who were opposing the bill and those who left hope on America’s strength of solving big problems on their own. For last many decades efficacy of America’s transformative legislations like Social Security and Medicare were under serious scrutiny. Sebelius believes that the healthcare bill is perhaps the best answer slapped on the critics ending the everlasting scrutiny and denigration.

She is certain that the consequences of the bill will be positive and will bring fruitful results in changing America’s healthcare by providing more control to the people in their healthcare, by ending insurance discrimination based on preexisting conditions, by putting a stop to unfair insurances practices, and certainly by creating new, customer friendly healthcare market where people will get opportunity to negotiate lower rates.

How the New Bill Is Class Apart:

According to Sebelius, the Affordable Care Act comes with a baggage full of benefits which sets it apart from the previous bill.

  • After Medicare, this is the biggest healthcare coverage expansion in the U.S.
  • The new bill offers the biggest middle class tax cut for health care
  • Unquestionably, the new bill  provides the most aggressive healthcare cost-cutting law in America’s history, and
  • The most ambitious health care innovation legislation

Combination of all the four features certainly makes this bill a winning one.

However, Sebelius advises common Americans to be patient to enjoy the benefits of the legislation as it will take time to show its benefits but she knows when the bill starts showing its effects, it will win peoples’ minds in almost no time. However, she believes the responsibility of making the bill success will now rest upon the shoulder of all Americans.

Sebelius – Addressing the Complexities of the New Law  

Acknowledging the complexities of the new law, Sebelius assures people to help them understand the law and resolve issues related to the law by turning the U.S. health department into a nationwide health insurance reform Help Desk. Question, queries will receive apt answers from the desk, she ascertains. 

She insists every American to bookmark the website to refer to gain access to more fact sheets, to get questions answered, and can also watch weekly web chats where live questions from around the country would be addressed.  

Changes Offered by the Law 

There are three key changes offered by the new healthcare rule.

First, by ensuring fair treatment of the insurance companies, the new healthcare bill ensures real health security of the Americans

Second, Affordable Care Act truly attempts to make insurance affordable for millions of Americans. New insurance marketplace and tax credits for those who need additional help are the key components to provide the Americans with affordable insurance plans. 

Third, with the new bill, the costs of families, businesses and government will be down as this law comes with the broadest health care cost-cutting package ever – one that includes every serious idea for health savings that was proposed over the last year.

Plans of Implementation of the New Law

According to Sebelius there are two ways of implementing the law and to carry out changes.

First, immediate application of the law which will result into immediate changes, but, Sebelius shows her uncertainties in immediate appliance of the law as it may overwhelm the existing healthcare system. And, she afraid, the overwhelming result of the law will leave the department with no time to design the new health marketplace.

Therefore, Sebelius votes for the second way of dealing the healthcare situation. She says, as the goal of the bill is to strengthen the health insurance system without disrupting the normal course of the society and economy, quick yet logical implementation of the bill will promise a better future in the healthcare.

However, she promises that the struggle of the millions of Americans caused by the previous law will immediately be addressed. 

Transparency - Promised

Sebelius affirms that the new policy will be transparent as opposed to the previous law which was criticised being opaque, unnecessarily confusing and difficult to navigate. 

Sebelius reminds that the goal of the U.S. government is to put Americans back in charge of their health care.  In order to do that, health department will provide information and education if it’s needed; set basic guidelines that will help foster a competitive insurance market; serve as an umpire to make sure insurance companies treat Americans fairly; and provide targeted resources to help empower consumers.  But ultimately, this isn’t about us.  It’s about you.  It’s about giving Americans more choices, more security, and more control.

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