APRA Prudential Standard CPS 232 - Business Continuity Management: Overview and Summary of Requirements

  • By: Staff Editor
  • Date: June 14, 2013
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This APRA Prudential Standard requires regulated institutions to manage and monitor potential business continuity risks and that the respective boards of these institutions consider business continuity risks as a part of the entire risk management system.
The standard also requires regulated institutions to document and maintain their business continuity plans periodically. The standard came into force on January 1 2013.
  • The standard applies to all ADIs including foreign ADIs and NOHCs, all Category C insurers, authorized insurance NOHCs and parent entities of Level 2 insurance groups
  • The standard also applies to friendly societies, Eligible Foreign Life Insurance Companies (EFLICs) and registered life NOHCs
  • The standard applies whether or not activities are outsourced to related bodies – corporate or third party.
Role of Board and Senior Management
  • Regulated institutions must identify, assess, manage and mitigate potential business continuity risks
  • The Board is ultimately responsible for business continuity of the regulated institution
  • The Board can delegate day-to-day handling of BCM to a responsible committee, including responsible committee of the Head of the Level 2 group, and/or senior management
  • The Board must approve the BCM policy
Factors to be Included in a Regulated Institute’s BCM Plan
  • BCM Policy
    • Up to date and documented BCM policy setting out objectives and approach to BCM
    • Must clearly state the respective roles, responsibilities and authorities
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • Involves identifying critical business functions, resources and infrastructure of regulated institution and assessing disruption impact
    • Disruption scenarios and periods of time must be considered while making the BIA
    • The extent to which a disruption may impact an institution’s depositors, policyholders
    • Financial, legal, regulatory and reputational impact of a disruption to critical business operations
  • Recovery Objectives and Strategies
    • These are pre-defined goals for recovering key business operations after a possible disruption to a specified level of service (recovery level) within a defined period (recovery time)
    • The recovery objectives and implementation strategies must be identified and documented using the results of the BIA
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
    • The BCP must be documented and meet the objectives of the BCM policy
    • It must identify:
      • critical business operations,
      • recovery levels and time targets for each critical business operation
      • recovery strategies for each critical business operation
      • infrastructure and resources required to implement the BCP
      • roles and responsibilities
      • communication plans with staff and external stakeholders
Review and Testing Of BCP
  • The regulated institution must review and test the BCP at least once on an annual basis and if possible, more frequently.
  • The reviews must happen after every change made in the business operations
  • The results of the review must be reported to the Board or delegated management
  • The BCP must be updated based on the reviews and the shortcomings identified
Auditing and Adjustments
  • The internal or external audit function of the regulated institution must provide an assurance to the Board that:
    • The BCP is in accordance with the BCM Policy and addresses the necessary risks
    • Testing procedures are adequate and satisfactory
  • The APRA may in writing adjust or exclude the requirements mentioned above in relation to a specific regulated institution
  • In case of a major disruption that can materially affect the regulated institution’s risk profile, the APRA must be notified as soon as possible (in less than 24 hours) of the same.

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