eEye Releases Research Report And Product To Tackle Key Vulnerability And Compliance Management Issues

  • Date: December 16, 2010
  • Source: Admin
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The report exposes startling statistics relating to enterprise and government environments. Of the many applications deployed in these environments, up to 25% of their applications contain unpatched vulnerabilities in 60% of the respondents' organizations; work weeks of about 50% of IT security teams consist of regulatory compliance.

The extensive research report draws several conclusions. The research comprised discussions with analysts, customers, and prospects, a 1,963-respondent survey, security industry leaders’ interactions, etc. across varied industries.

"Our research indicates that more-efficient vulnerability and compliance management processes are needed for organizations of all sizes and in all industries," said Brad Hibbert, eEye vice president of strategy. "This research, along with our investment in engineering, research and development, is allowing us to provide customers with solutions that let them address stringent compliance demands without sacrificing security."


IT security has a great degree of responsibility in most companies. The role it plays is a difficult one, constantly fed by new challenges. Everyday cyber criminals find smarter ways to attack; therefore, regulatory compliance becomes harder. Keeping this in mind, eEye released a web-based, centralized, end-to-end c to assist with the challenge.

The product

The Retina CS 2.0 is an update to the Retina CS sporting features such as a new smart reporting engine as well as smart alerting, rules and groups intended to simplify vulnerability management across multiple assets and locations

It features smart alerting, rules and groups intended to simplify vulnerability management across multiple assets and locations. It is also packaged with a new smart reporting engine.

Survey: Statistical highlights

IT teams are burdened with regulatory compliance (85% respondents). Managing compliance in an efficient manner is a challenge, especially since it takes up 50% of the work week.

Hundreds of applications have vulnerabilities to be managed by IT security (73% respondents). The number of applications deployed is growing.

It is difficult to identify Zero Day. The degree of difficulty of Zero Day identification on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the most easy, ranks it very high.

More IT attention on application vulnerabilities is required (60% respondents) due to unpatched vulnerabilities in about 25% of their applications.



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