FDA Regulations on Social Media and Internet Communications

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  • Date: May 24, 2017
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FDA Regulations on Social Media and Internet Communications

The advancements in the technology and, in particular, the development of the digital technology have made a remarkable impact in the area of communication in the past decade. Nowadays, even the patients and healthcare providers are using social media and other internet sources to get information about FDA regulated products.

Thus the online information provided by the manufacturers and their representatives about the products should be clear, accurate and non-misleading. In line with these requirements, the US FDA, in June 2014, has issued two draft guidance documents concerning the use of social media for promotion and advertising purposes of drug and devices.

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FDA’s Guidance Documents

The first guidance offers recommendations for presenting the risk and benefit information for prescription drugs and medical devices using internet or social media channels with character space limitations, such as online microblog messaging i.e. Twitter and the paid search results links like Google and Yahoo. It also addresses the factors to be considered while communicating the benefit and risk information on various social media platforms.

The second guidance document offers recommendations to those firms that choose to respond to the misinformation disseminated by third parties on the internet and through social media platforms related to their FDA approved drugs and medical devices. It also addresses different approaches the firms may take to correct misinformation and consequences of correcting it.

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FDA Social Media Regulations - Presenting Risk and Benefit Information

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