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Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) – Overview, Applicability and Summary of Requirements

  • Industry: GSA Compliance

The Federal Travel Regulation or FTR contains the requirements and policies that cover travel by federal employees and others authorized to travel at government expense.

This article gives an overview of the FTR, its applicability and summary of requirements.

White House Announces Regulatory Reform, Plans Wide-Ranging Rollback of Regulations

  • Industry: GSA Compliance

President Barack Obama has announced that federal regulatory agencies have reviewed and will soon start a rollback of outdated and cumbersome regulations. The scrapping of regulations is expected to “eliminate millions of hours in annual paperwork burdens for large and small businesses and save more than $1 billion in annual regulatory costs”.

This article details the background to this regulatory reform and its expected impact on US businesses.

SEC Accused of Destroying Documents, Violating Federal Record Management Policy

  • Industry: GSA Compliance

The Securities and Exchange Commission was accused of destroying documents pertaining to inquiries at an early stage, in violation of federal record management policy.

This article gives the background to the issue and details of the federal regulation the SEC is accused of violating.

Davis Bacon Act – Background, Summary of Key Provisions and Amendments

  • Industry: GSA Compliance

The Davis Bacon Act, 1931, is a federal law requiring that construction workers working on public projects be paid the local “prevailing” wage. The law applies to contractors and subcontractors who have taken up federally funded or assisted construction contracts in excess of $2000.

This article discusses the background to the act, gives a summary of key provisions and amendments.

Adjudication Division Rules

  • Industry: GSA Compliance

 Adjudication Division Rules (the ‘Rules’) govern the activities of, and the practice and procedure in, the adjudication division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. The rules are part of a Canadian legislation, called the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (the ‘Act’). 

Implement a GSA Compliance System

  • Industry: GSA Compliance

All companies that have been awarded a GSA Schedule Contract need to implement a GSA Compliance System. GSA Schedule Contract stipulates the price offered to government and also poses restriction on price offered to customers buying outside the GSA Schedule Contract. It serves as a guidance for organizations to meet the reporting and governance requirements to comply with the terms of the contract. The companies are expected to be transparent in terms of all sales activities under the contract and maintain active registration with all government systems. GSA compliance can be established by designating clear lines of authority and accountability and measure performance against a specific standard.

GSA Program Saves Taxpayers Billions in Travel Expenses

  • Industry: GSA Compliance

The U.S. General Services Administration has awarded its City Pair Program contracts, which the agency estimates will save taxpayers more than $6 billion in fiscal year 2010. City pairs are sets of origins and destinations that form the basis for one-way ticket pricing for travel between cities. The City Pair Program contracts set average federal rates at 68 percent below full commercial fares, providing federal travelers the flexibility to book one-way, multileg and round-trip airline flights. The annual contracts cover 3,750 domestic and 1,223 international city pairs.

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