Managers "Too Passive" to Keep Hospital Record - NHS Again Under Criticism

  • Date: March 30, 2010
  • Source: Admin
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NHS again came under fire of criticisms when the MPs announced that the local chiefs are ‘too passive’ to keep a track on the hospitals in England. 

Adding to that, MPs said that managers working in 152 PCTs lack sufficient knowledge and skill required for the job. The Commonwealth Health committee said continuous reorganizations and high turnover may partly be responsible for the deteriorating performance of the managers and the committee has also requested the government to support the managers for better performance.

Kevin Barron, Committee chairman said that "The government must make a bold decision - if improvements fail to materialise, it could be time to blow the final whistle."

However, the NHS Confederation, which represents the health managers, believes that the report does not uphold the true scenario which is better than is being described. Steve Barnett, chief executive of NHS Confederation chief executive of the NHS Confederation today criticised the conclusions reached by the Health Select Committee on its inquiry into commissioning saying “We continue to believe that the current system designed to achieve value for money and hold organisations to account has been beneficial for NHS patients."


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