Natural Health Products Recalled in Canada

  • Date: December 14, 2010
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Two separate natural health products (NHPs) are being recalled from the Canadian market. These products, Probiophilus and Cultures de Yogourt 5 Milliards, labeled non-dairy, are being voluntarily recalled by Les Importations Herbasanté Inc. and Bio-Dis Inc respectively. Manufacturers feared that traces of milk protein from dairy ingredients may have found their way into them.  Individuals with milk allergies may experience various symptoms if milk proteins enter their system. Breathing difficulties are part of the symptoms and may prove fatal at times. Fortunately, no adverse reactions to either of these products have been reported so far.  

Canadian Regulations

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) safeguards the health of the Canadian citizen. The Food and Drugs Act (FDA) is an act of the Parliament of Canada. The FDA lays down food safety standards. Third Party Standards like HACCP or ISO are preferred by many companies. The FDA does not have the power to recall a product. All recalls are done on a voluntary basis. Section 19 of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act provides authority for the Minister of Agriculture to order a recall. This can be initiated when substantial evidence is available that the product can be a risk to the people. CFIA rates the recall as Class I or Class II or Class III depending on the level of hazard involved. Class III recalls concern products that are unlikely to cause any adverse health reaction. This recall can be classified as a Class I recall.


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