Weight-volume measurement of pulpwood

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A method is described (1, 2) for determining the weight of pulpwood per unit of volume (a standard-racked cord).

The determination in this method refers to an ideally racked cord, which usually is not identical to commercially scaled wood, because:

There is always a change in apparent volume after sawing longer lengths into shorter lengths and repiling.

The voids along the sides and bottom of the cord as racked experimentally are partly filled in the ordinary scaled cord.

Shaking and jolting during shipment (if the scaling is done at the unloading terminal) normally cause the wood to settle more compactly.

This method will also provide data on the gross weight of wood in a cord; the average, maximum, and minimum diameters of bark-free logs; percentage bark by green weight and volume; average length of logs; moisture content; density; solid wood volume; and the total oven-dry weight of bark-free wood per cord.

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