Compliance Training Webinars for Regulated Industries

Recognizing and Managing Strategic Risks

webinar-speaker   Daniel Clark

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 705612

This webinar explores the components of strategic risk. Developing a common understanding and definition of strategic risk helps the participant form a comprehensive base upon which meaningful review and interaction with senior management can occur.

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* Per Attendee $199


A Global Review of Regulations Applied to Spices, Herbs and Flavors

webinar-speaker   Carolyn Fisher

webinar-time   90 Min

Product Id: 706083

This webinar will review the global regulations pertaining to spices, herbs and their extracts used for flavors as well as an overview of all flavor regulations. It will also go into detail about spice/herb as well as flavor guidance documents from trade organizations, international & regional regulatory bodies and specific country regulations.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $249


How Large a Sample Do I Need? Pharmaceutical, Biotech Webinar

webinar-speaker   Ron Snee

webinar-time   90 Min

Product Id: 706367

This webinar provides some practical and useful answers to the question: “How Large a Sample Do I Need?” Methods for determining appropriate sample sizes in raw materials acceptance, finished product release, process and product development experimentation and process monitoring for process stability and capability is discussed. A comparison is made of the square root (n)+1 sampling rule with the ANSI Z1.4 sampling system for process monitoring including incoming raw materials, in-process manufacturing and finished product. The value of a systems approach to sampling and practical tips, traps and guideline for sampling is discussed. The presentation includes portable methods for making power calculations for experimental design. The concepts and methods involved are introduced and illustrated with pharmaceutical and biotech case studies and examples.

Recording Available


Off-label Promotion in Social Media - Broken Boundaries

webinar-speaker   Casper Uldriks

webinar-time   3 Hrs

Product Id: 706357

FDA regulates how firms advertise and promote their products in social media. It creates a regulatory risk for enforcement action when firm’s step over FDA’s somewhat mysterious advertising and promotion boundaries. What you or someone else says about your product, whether true, false or misleading, becomes a target for FDA’s legal hammer. FDA can levy fines or issue Warning Letters. Even an injunction or prosecution may end up creating a corporate crisis and confusing your customers and drive them away.

Recording Available


New Paradigm in Risk Management and Compliance: How to Anticipate and Prepare for More Regulatory Scrutiny

webinar-speaker   Fred Vacelet

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 705183

Understand the paradigm shift in credit risk, market risk and risk regulation. In this webinar training, we will prescribe an antidote against the dust of old risk management thinking, and submit views on what the post-crisis risk management ideas may be.

Recording Available


Leveraging Clinical Research Processes to Decrease Denials

webinar-speaker   Mary Veazie

webinar-time   90 Min

Product Id: 706366

This course will demonstrate the process of analyzing patient denials for trends related to participation in a clinical research study and leveraging this information to influence the coverage determination during Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA) process. Participants will learn a 360 approach to increasing CRB compliance and reducing the burden to the patients participating in clinical research studies.

Recording Available


HIPAA Rules and Audit Practices Training Kit: 10 Trending Courses on HIPAA Compliance

webinar-speaker   Brian Tuttle,Nanette Awad,Jim Sheldon-Dean

webinar-time   12 Hrs

Product Id: 706416

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $1699


3-Hr Virtual Training: Introduction to Design of Experiments

webinar-speaker   Steven Wachs

webinar-time   3 hrs

Product Id: 704847

In this training program, attendees will understand when and why to apply DOE (design of experiments). They will also learn to identify and interpret significant factor effects and 2-factor interactions and develop predictive models to explain and optimize process/product behavior. Applying efficient fractional factorial designs in screening experiments will also be discussed.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $449


Biotechnology Training Kit - Top 10 training programs in one package

webinar-speaker   Peggy Berry

webinar-time   14 Hrs

Product Id: 706411

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $1099



webinar-speaker   Frances Tallant

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 706384

This course is to provide the participant with a general understanding of the recently signed ECONOMIC AND TRADE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. It provides a summary of each chapter of the agreement and commentary as to how the participants’ business may be affected by it.

Recording Available


Alternative New and Innovative Pretreatment Technology for Pharmaceutical Water Systems

webinar-speaker   Nissan Cohen

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 706365

Pretreatment technology is quite diverse with many tried-and-true options. This seminar describes and identifies new and innovative technology which can eliminate many traditional pretreatment modules. The new ISO-22519 elucidates on many pretreatment issues which will be discussed. ISO is a voluntary standard which may be instituted by a company and is often quoted or cited by a regulatory agency. This presentation offers ideas, physical modules, and descriptions of alternative pretreatment options.

Recording Available


Understanding How to Use Pivot Tables and Charts for Dashboard Construction - Putting It All Together!

webinar-speaker   Joe Weil

webinar-time   100 Min

Product Id: 705054

This easy-to-follow webinar training will illustrate the use of Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Pivot Table Slicers to analyze sales data by state, sales person and sales location. Pivot Tables are very versatile and allow the Excel professional to rapidly change rows, columns, and more to slice and dice raw data for detailed analysis and presentation. These same Pivot Table tools can be used for accounts receivable, inventories, personnel and much more.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $249


Healthcare Compliance Training Kit - Top 10 Programs Combo Pack (CDs/USB)

webinar-speaker   William Mack Copeland,Toni Cesta,Sue Dill Calloway,Bev Cunningham,Jim Sheldon-Dean

webinar-time   11 Hrs

Product Id: 706409

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $999


Performance Reviews: A Step-By-Step Process For Conducting Them Meaningfully and Effectively

webinar-speaker   Christopher R DeVany

webinar-time   90 Min

Product Id: 706313

This training program will explain how to conduct motivational and directional performance appraisal reviews meaningfully and effectively. It will help in motivating employees to achieve goals and increase their value to the organization.

Recording Available


Practical Application of 21 CFR Part 11

webinar-speaker   Don Hurd

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 706383

Attend this webinar to get a condensed overview of 21 CFR Part 11 and the key practices that deliver the best results. It will direct you to the most critical and cost-effective methods, techniques and tools available.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $299


Getting the Job You Want and Deserve

webinar-speaker   ArLyne Diamond

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 706338

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in a new job or a promotion. We start with helping you look at yourself, your values and interests in a new way – because we believe your happiness is important. Next, we offer suggestions for various marketing aspects, including creating your brand, your positioning statement and other marketing aspects of yourself.

Recording Available


Control Strategy Applications for Robust Manufacturing Processes

webinar-speaker   Victor Olatundun

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 706336

This webinar will highlight the importance of quality by design (QbD) concepts via the early establishment of control strategy approach to facilitate the development of robust manufacturing operations associated with biologics and/or pharmaceutical manufacture.

Recording Available


Understanding and Implementing a Technology Transfer Process

webinar-speaker   Steven Laurenz

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 705031

This webinar will discuss the steps to guide the technology transfer for the successful implementation, ensures that products of the highest quality are delivered to the patients along with meeting the business demands of the company.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $299


Human Resource Management (HRM) Made Simple – Training Kit (Set of 10 CDs)

webinar-speaker   Margie Pacheco Faulk

webinar-time   11 Hrs

Product Id: 706406

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $599


Equipment Qualification and Process Validation

webinar-speaker   Joy McElroy

webinar-time   90 Min

Product Id: 705853

This equipment qualification and validation webinar will help you to understand the various processes of equipment qualifications (IQ, OQ & PQ) and process validation steps (when, what and how to tests) in a manufacturing process. It will also highlight all the requirements of FDA cGMP regulations that all equipment to be qualified and all manufacturing processes to be validated if problems are encountered changes have to made and periodically as necessary.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $279












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