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National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2010

  • Industry: Hitech, Aerospace and Manufacturing

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2010 is a bill that supports the overall growth of science, aeronautics, and space technology. It defines long-term goals for the expansion of the human space flight to a permanent human presence beyond low-Earth orbit. The act specifies funding for an assortment of activities that turn NASA’s focus towards Earth and away from space, including scientific research and aeronautics research and development.

Why Good Companies Go "Bad" - By Trying to Be Somebody They're Not

  • Industry: Hitech, Aerospace and Manufacturing

Business strategies need to be inline with the vision and goal of the company. It’s ok to derive inspiration from competitors but trying to outsmart competition by aping them is bad news. This illustrative case study brings to the fore how good businesses can go bad by losing focus on one’s core competencies. Even inappropriate plans of business diversification can be a killer. All Management decisions should be inline with stakeholder sentiments and expectations.

F.A.A. Clarifies What Can Be Stowed in Seat Back

  • Industry: Hitech, Aerospace and Manufacturing

FAA has made clarification with regards to storing of personal items in the back seat pocket of airlines. Though the airlines have been instructing against such practices, FAA has clarified that any items that does not exceed the specified weight limit can be stowed away in the designated pocket. The airlines were following an earlier guidelines from FAA to refrain from such practices. This clarification has come as a relief to many a passengers who were discomforted by the rule.

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